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10 Best Vancouver Bakeries You Need To Try ASAP

10 Best Vancouver Bakeries You Need To Try ASAP

10 Best Vancouver Bakeries You Need To Try ASAP

This list of Vancouver bakeries is here for you with whatever you need! Looking for a celebration cake? Check! A morning pastry to go with your coffee? Check! Or even just a cute little local bakery that can be your new “spot”? We’ve got you covered there as well! Here are 10 of the best bakeries that Vancouver has to offer – and some of the best treat to try!

1. Beaucoup Bakery

A charming little bakery located close to Granville Island, this is the bakery to go to for all of your French boulangerie and patisserie needs! With some of the best French pastries in the city (I’m talking croissants, pain au chocolate, chausson aux pommes…) Beaucoup bakery has, well, BEAUCOUP of what you want!

2. Trafiq

This Main Street bakery is a beautiful place to have a coffee, a sandwich, and most importantly, a piece of cake! While they do everything – cookies, pastries, lunchtime specials – it’s their assorted gourmet cakes that will keep you coming back! Get one for any celebration or dinner party – they are seriously show-stopping!


3. Liberty Bakery + Cafe

The perfect bakery to enjoy a quiet, hot cup o’ something, read your book, and nibble on one of Liberty’s delicate baked treats. With specialties such as a Totoro cookie, and classic lunchtime goodies like, soups, sandwiches ad salads, Liberty is just the place to spend a calm couple hours!

4. Black Rook Bakehouse

This bakery makes all of their goodies from scratch every day! Head over here for a lovely little lunch and cup of coffee – BUT, make sure you pick up a slice of cake! Known for their cakes, with names like Elizabeth, Ashley and Harold, you’ll want to reserve any of these cake creations for whatever event you are heading to next!

5. East Village Bakery

Situated on East Hastings Street, just as the name implies, East Village bakery is an adorable place to get any of your favourite sweet treats! With many gluten free options, the bakery has a little something for everyone! Granola, sweet buns, muffins, bars, pies, tarts and cookies..,the list goes on! You’ll stop in to try one thing and walk out with everything they have to offer!


6. The Valley Bakery

This old school Burnaby institution has some of the best classic baked goods you can get your mitts on. With everything baked fresh from scratch everyday, you’ll want to try all of their creations! Famous for their butter cookies which come in an assortment of sizes, flavours, shapes and colours, make sure to try a couple of them!

7. Terra Breads

Terra Breads is THE go-to bakery. With many Vancouver locations, you’ll come back again and again. This is the perfect place to pick up some loaves, some breakfast treats/granola, or a sweet little pick-me-up for any time of the day!  Some locations even have lunch a coffee – score!

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8. Uprising Breads

Nestled on a corner lot just off Commercial Drive, Uprising Breads is the groovy neighbourhood bakery you’ve been looking for. With many to-go meal options, as well as a tasty selection of sweet treats, Uprising Breads has something for any time of the day. Sit and enjoy a coffee and one of their goodies at any time.

9. Purebread

If you are looking for a sensory overload, Purebread is the place. With SO many options for baked goodies, you’ll need to try  as many things as possible. Scones, cheesecake brownies, something called a crack bar (because it’ll keep you addicted), Purebread is your sugary sweet haven!

10. Small Victory Bakery

This small and hip bakery, located in a bright, contemporary space, will keep you coming back – not only for their high end coffee, but for their artisanal pastries, sandwiches and breads. The feeling after enjoying one of their snacks is exactly that – a small victory!


Is your favourite Vancouver bakery on this list? Did we miss one? Let us know in the comments below!

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