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10 Best Secret Places At UNH

10 Best Secret Places At UNH

There are quite a few hidden places seldom found by UNH students or faculty. These are some of the best kept secret places at UNH.

Whether you saw the film or read the book, The Secret Garden is on almost everyone’s list of favorites. From the mystery and adventure of keeping a secret to the heart-strengthening fare of good friendship, every Scooby gang needs a set of secret places all their own. There are quite a few hidden places seldom found by UNH students or faculty. These are some of the best kept secret places at UNH.

1. The Multimedia Room at Dimond Library

Located on the second floor of the Dimond Library, below the main floor, and in the back-right corner, is a little fun haven of music, film, and audiobooks. Few find their way to this spot, but for those who do there is study space and plenty of mainstream or classic films to rent out for your viewing pleasure. There is also a wide selection of music from Mozart to Billy Joel and several audiobooks. Not to mention the piano and viewing equipment!


2. The Picnic Tables and footpath by Oyster River

A beautiful waterside spot to walk or sit and talk. Ducks also show up here sometimes. Definitely worth checking out. These are near the edge of town heading towards Newmarket.


3. The Yard between the two buildings of Parsons Hall

There is a lovely copse of trees and picnic tables in a bit of a cove area hidden between the two different buildings of Parsons Hall. A lovely time to take a break or eat lunch between classes.



4. The College Woods path off Colovos Road

Often blocked by parked cars, there is a dirt path heading into College Woods just off Colovos Road on the Field House end of campus. This is a good hiking spot for some fresh air exercise and is much less frequented than other places in College Woods.

5. The Horse Barns

Although this is less of a secret, it is still seldom visited – but worth taking one. Horses are awesome, so why not go visit? Plus, it’s farther from campus so the air is cleaner and quieter. Who doesn’t love to visit horses?


6. The Little Red Wagon

There is a small red “wagon” of the old horse-drawn cart-type seated on the grass by the entrance to the Johnson Theater. Although it’s child-friendly, it’s also a good quiet spot to rest or hang out with friends.


7. The Memorial brick bench between the library and the bridge to the PCAC

A nice spot to rest on your walk across campus, it’s surrounded by trees and often overlooked due to its location. It’s set back a bit into the trees lining the paved walkway, so it’s shaded and the brick means it is more likely to remain cool in summer.

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8. The T-Hall Bell Tower

This is very secret. You’ll have to contact Guy Clark, the man who does tours of the Bell Tower, in order to visit. He does have some very interesting stories about the school’s history, though. It’s a fun and worthwhile visit – don’t forget to sign the clock tower room walls!



9. The Game Room

The MUB game room is really only visited by the small groups of people who know it’s there. I didn’t even discover it until towards the end of my Freshman year, and even then I didn’t really use it until Sophomore year, and rarely after that. It’s a well-kept secret, but has plenty of resources for a good time with friends.

10. The Missing Locket

Do you like finding needles when they’re nestled in the middle of a haystack? Alright, so this is a bit of a wild goose chase. Still, it’s a funny story. My mom went to UNH as well and lost a golden heart-shaped locket somewhere on the walk between Williamson Hall and Hamilton-Smith Hall. If you can find it, she says there’s a reward in it for you. I doubt it’s findable after all of the construction around Ham-Smith the past few years, though.


Do you have any other favorite hidden places at UNH? Let us know in the comments below!
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