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10 Fun Free Things to Do Around UofL

10 Fun Free Things to Do Around UofL

Being a college student is time-consuming and expensive, but here are 10 things to do around UofL that are actually completely FREE for students!

Whether you’re new to the University of Louisville or not, you can always use new things to do in your spare time. Being a college student is time consuming and expensive, but these things you can do around campus are not. These are 10 things to do around UofL that are actually completely FREE for students!

1) The Speed Art Museum

A lot of students, especially out-of-state students, are unaware that the Speed Art Museum is free. Their Facebook page and website are constantly updated with new events and shows that are FREE for UofL students. The Speed Art Museum has several galleries, a café, interactive art, and music. The museum is constantly switching up their galleries and events, so look out. They are starting a new “After Hours” event on Oct. 20 at 5 p.m. with music, live performances, and food. Enjoy and appreciate FREE art right here on your own campus.

The Speed Art Museum

2) The Student Recreational Center, or “SRC”

The Student Recreational Center (SRC) is the HUGE fitness center that resides on the west side of campus. The center features two weight-lifting rooms, dozens of cardio machines, two dance studios, a cycling studio, racket/tennis rooms, two full-size basketball courts, a boxing room, and even a video game room. There are TVs, game consoles, music, and lots of cool people. In your free time go workout, sweat a little, and meet new awesome people. SRC has free classes that include hip-hop dancing, cycling, yoga, kickboxing, and more. Check out their webpage or visit their office for more details.

The Student Recreational Center

3) Student Fairs & Events

There are signs everywhere, all the time, about free student events. Whether its an RSO fair, career fair, games and fundraisers near the SAC, or free talks given to students, GO. These events have prizes and free food, and they’re great for networking. Check out bulletins around campus and our CardMail email for more updates on these events. (A little secret, Red Barn has free food, often.)

Fair at the University of Louisville

4) Clubs and Intramurals

Many things to do around UofL involve joining a club or intramural. Most clubs and intramurals are free and fun. If you didn’t have the time or ability to play a college sport, intramural teams are always looking for people. Stop by the Intramurals table at SRC or check out OrgSync. There are hundreds of clubs at UofL and they’re free. Whether you want to join a club about Entrepreneurship, Harry Potter, or Sports Cars, there’s probably a club for it. If there isn’t, start one.

Check out: https://www. for more student clubs and intramural sports

5) Light Shows At Rauch Planetarium

In high school, my teachers would bring us to the University of Louisville’s planetarium to watch their well-known light shows. They change ever-so-often and have different themes and music. If you check out their page they even have FREE ones for UofL students. Grab some friends, kick back, and enjoy the light show!!

Inside Rauch Planetarium

6) Sports Games

Another important thing to do at the UofL is attend sports games. Show support for the players, your fellow students, and your university. While a lot of games require paid tickets or season passes, there are a ton of free games at the university. Every season there are free games that are available for students to attend. Check your CardMail email and look out for notifications on team pages. Most of these tickets are first-come, first-served, so check online or call the ticket office.

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Lynn Stadium Soccer Game

7) Homecoming Week Events

Homecoming events only happen once a year, but they are amazing. You get to attend FREE concerts like last year’s Waka Flocka Flame and this year’s Cherub. They also have a huge parade and music, food, and giveaways. Homecoming week is one of the things to do around UofL that you do not want to miss!

Homecoming Promotion for 2017

8) Welcome Week Events

This one is more for freshmen, but anyone can attend. Welcome week gives new students, either freshmen or transfers, an opportunity to meet others and network. Welcome week features free movies, music, food, games and lots of ice cream and popcorn. Any student can attend, not just freshmen. Check it out; like homecoming week, it only happens once a year.

Welcome Week CARDS Event

9) Cards Under the Stars

UofL offers many free movies at the soccer stadium for students like Beauty and the Beast, Kong: Skull Island, and others. These events are typically in the summer and early fall. Grab a friend, a blanket and watch a drive-in style movie with popcorn and drinks. Nothing is better than FREE movies with other students and staff.

2017 Showing of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

10) This one may be kind of obvious, but other students’ events.

There are plenty of student events on the University of Louisville. Attend student BBQs, parties, tailgating, and other events like open-mic nights. There’s no better place to make new friends and network. There are several fraternities and sororities, student clubs, and individuals who plan dedicated events for other students. Check out the bulletin boards in the Humanities Quad, SAC, and your Classes Facebook page (University of Louisville Class of ____) for more details, and you’ll find plenty of things to do around UofL!

University of Louisville Block Party
Now you’ll never run out of things to do around UofL! For more fun and free events, check out:
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