10 Signs You Are A Tally Local Attending FSU

Whether you grew up knowing you would be a Nole one day or you fought it until high school, here are 10 obvious signs you’re a Tally local attending FSU.

1. You have baby pictures in FSU gear.

Your idea of a weekend event was always putting on some garnet and gold and heading to any FSU sporting event.

2. You didn’t want to go to FSU until your junior year of high school.

While FSU is amazing you really wanted to move away from Tally and experience something different. But you eventually realized Seminole life is the best life.

3. You wanted to go to FSU your whole life.

You’re the type of kid to argue with gator fans on the playground. You’ve known you wanted to go to FSU since you stepped out into the crowd at Doak.

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4. You give directions by landmarks “yeah you go past the publix then…”

Whether you’re from Tally or not, you know it’s not big. Besides major roads like Thomasville, Monroe, and Tennessee, you’re really into telling people “go past railroad square” instead of “turn right off of Gaines street”.

5. You can’t go anywhere without seeing a familiar face.

Everywhere I go in Tally I find someone I at least know of. Our population may be an okay size but we tend to run into a familiar face at every outing.

6. Unless you’re on campus… this is the only place you might not see your middle school acquaintance.

Campus is a different world from your childhood home. You may know where you’re going, but you don’t know where you’re going. Even though you were born here, you’re just as lost on your first day of freshman year as anyone.

7. Going home takes probably 20 minutes.

It feels like another world but you’re just a short car ride to your parents home-cooked meals and washer machine.

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8. You hate the Gators.

As you should! GO NOLES!

9. You thought there was nothing to do in Tallahassee until you came to FSU.

It’s true that any smallish town can be boring, but there’s always a party going on at FSU.

10. Alligator Point is a go-to with a pub sub.

You’ve known forever that the closest beach is Alligator point. You always went there for day trips with a stop for a pub sub in high school, and you continue to in college.

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So no we weren’t born at the strip, but we do know how to have a good time in Tally. Whether you’re a local or not, as always, GO NOLES!

Do you have any other signs you’re a local attending FSU? Let us know in the comments below!
Featured image source: pinterest.com
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