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10 Things To Cross Off Your Bucket List at Temple

10 Things To Cross Off Your Bucket List at Temple

Every college student has some type of risky/promiscuous/silly goal that they want to do during their four years at a university. We all have fantasized about making the most of our college life while adding something to the list that makes our experience stand out. Whether basic or extreme, Temple University has plenty of excitement to offer to their students that’ll leave them more than satisfied when they graduate. Below is a short list of common things students want or love to do during their time away from home. Keep reading for 10 things to cross off your bucket list at Temple!


1. Walk Graffiti Pier.

This one is for mainly those who grew up in the suburbs or the countryside their whole life and are dying to get a taste of that city life. While Philly has some dangerous areas and could be a very confusing city to navigate, there’s so many places that are pretty safe and fun.


Some other fun places include:

Fairmount Park
Rittenhouse Square
South Street
Magic Gardens
Harbor Park
Graffiti Peer
City Hall
Museum of art
Boathouse row
Reading Terminal Market


2. Sing “Fight fight fight fight for the cherry and white” at a Temple football game.

Jumping up and down on the bleachers as you scream with joy that your university scored a touchdown is a great feeling. It’s even better when you’re sharing it with a crowd of friends who are all decked out in Temple’s colors and chanting “Fight fight fight for the cherry and white”.



3. Eat at Insomnia, the Sexy Green Truck, and the Fruit Truck.

It’s a weird feeling trying to describe the sensation of Temple’s food trucks but it’s definitely something everyone needs to try. My favorites are Insomnia, the sexy green truck and the fruit truck.



4. Lay out at the”beach”.

Whenever the weather is warm, the area is filled with students relaxing or hanging out with friends.

5. Study. Abroad.

As a broke college student who has the urge to constantly travel, I feel students on this. If money is a struggle, I totally understand, but to those who are willing to do what it takes to study abroad, DO IT.

It is honestly the best thing someone can experience during college. The university has so many types of programs that you can choose from.



6. Attend a Philly rooftop party.

I think we all know the joys of partying- but it really is something catching a view of the Philly skyline while dancing around with your friends.



7. Get on the roof at Morgan.

This one can be a bit tricky and this is one of those goals where it depends on the day, whose working there and if the access is easy but if there’s no dilemmas, then go on the roof.

The view at night is breathtaking.


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8. Check out College Fest.

The event takes place at Dilworth Park on the 10th of September. All new and returning college students are welcome to enjoy food, music, art, and entertainment.



9. Successfully pull an all-nighter and pass that exam.

Get ready for this day to come. Some professor (or unfortunately professors) are going to pound you with an exam that’ll cause you to spend hours studying on. It’s not the best way to study but when you use this method and you get lucky, it’s a very rewarding feeling.



10. Being able to say you graduated from Temple University.

This is probably one of the best accomplishments someone can proudly say.



What else should we add to cross off your bucket list at Temple? Comment below and share this article with friends!

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