The 5 Best Health And Fitness Apps That’ll Help You Crush Your Goals

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Losing weight is hard. I get it. And with summer getting closer and closer every day, we can use all the help we can get. So if you are looking to slim down for those cut off shorts, are in need of some help, and don’t have the money to spend of your own personal trainer, here are some of the best health and fitness apps that may help you reach your goals!


I discovered this app a few years ago, and have used it off and on whenever I need to get a handle on my diet. This is a calorie counter and macro tracker. I’ll be honest, I don’t track my macros, but if you do, more power to you. For me. This app really helps me keep an eye on how many calories I am consuming daily, and where they are coming from. It helps me pick the healthiest choice for dinner and gives me the will power to say no to the 700 calorie milkshake I want every night.

The 5 Best Health And Fitness Apps That'll Help You Crush Your Goals


I know YouTube is usually used for watching vlogs and cats, but it can be a great resource for fitness. There are so many fitness channels out there that post workouts ranging in style, difficulty, and time. It’s basically like having a limitless amount of free personal trainers at the touch of your fingertips.


This is a great app for runners, or want to be joggers. It tracks your run, logs and announces your mile times as you go, and keeps you accountable by comparing your best and worst runs. This app has helped me go from 10 minute miles, to 8:30 miles, and from 2 mile jogs to 10 mile runs… I love this app.

The 5 Best Health And Fitness Apps That'll Help You Crush Your Goals

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You may not think of Pinterest as a fitness app, but think again. This is by far the largest space for healthy recipes. You can learn vegan meals, Paleo meals, or even how to meal prep, all from Pinterest. This app has seriously helped me get my diet under control by offering healthy substitutes for my favorite comfort foods, substitutes I would have never thought of on my own.

The 5 Best Health And Fitness Apps That'll Help You Crush Your Goals


I am hundred percent chained to my workout music. If my music isn’t on point, my workout suffers. And before Spotify, I was constantly buying new songs hoping that they would pump me up at the gym, but now all I have to do is find a killer playlist on Spotify, which is pretty easy since they have thousands. Running playlist, check, lifting playlist, check, yoga playlist, check… I could go on, but I think you get my point.

What do you think are the best health and fitness apps? Let us know down below!
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