The Ultimate Ranking Of Health And Fitness Apps

It seems like everyone is using a health app lately. There are so many apps, how do you choose? Fortunately, we have the ultimate ranking of health and fitness apps. From Sweat with Kayla, to Daily Burn. Be sure to check these apps out during your next workout!

1. Sweat With Kayla

This program is literally everything you could ask for in a fitness app and it is my absolute favorite. The app provides a twelve week workout regimen with three days of strength training mixed with two days of cardio varying between LISS and HIIT later in the program. It also offers three different meal plans (regular, vegetarian, and vegan) to go along with the workouts. You can take pictures to track your progress and be cheered on by the huge BBG (beach body guide) community. My personal favorite thing about this app is that it shows you how to do eat exercise properly (with modifications for beginners) and has the timer going so you don’t have to figure out how long you should be doing each part on your own. It is really as close as you can get to having a personal trainer through an app. The only downside to this program is that there is a monthly fee, but with everything it comes with it is 100% worth it.


These are the best health and fitness apps!

2. Aaptiv

I love this app! It has everything from marathon training to meditation to yoga, all guided my motivating trainers. It guides you every step of the way through each workout and really gives that sense of support that I didn’t think could be achieved through an app. My favorite section so far is the 5K training. It is a 30 day program with one run each day to teach you how to run properly and improve both speed and stamina. The best part is that the trainer actually explains proper running form to you and reminds you not to lose that form throughout your run. This app also requires a monthly fee, but again I think it’s worth it especially if you goal is to improve your running skills.

These are the best health and fitness apps!

3. Daily Burn

I had used the Daily Burn website in the past and absolutely loved it for its upbeat workouts that were guides by trainers. I was so excited to see that they also had an app. Each app takes a different approach on how to guide workouts. If you like to actually see a person in front of you doing the workout in real time, this is the one for you. The videos also have a timer on the screen and a progress bar to show you how much longer you have to go.

These are the best health and fitness apps!

4. fitbit

This is a tricky one. In order to use the fitbit app, you have to own a fitbit. I got one for Christmas this year and I absolutely love it! I really enjoy knowing the progress I have made throughout the day whenever I want and it is super encouraging. So if you do own a fitbit or are thinking about getting one, definitely download the app and make good use of it. It allows you to track your steps and calories burned more specifically. You can also log your sleep, water and calorie intake, and weight goals to make sure you keep on track.

These are the best health and fitness apps!


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5. Headspace

If you are looking for a good meditation app this is the way to go. You can start with the “Take 10” program, which will guide you through simple ten minute meditation sessions to get you started. It is perfect if you are a beginning who wants to try out meditation. If you are more advanced, for a monthly fee you can get access to a wide variety of meditation. I have only done the “Take 10” program so far, but I really enjoyed it. It guides you in how to sit, breathe, and let all your stress go while you meditate.


These are the best health and fitness apps!6. Map My Run

The best thing about this app is that it’s free! If you enjoy running outside, this app is perfect. It uses maps to track where you are running and saves the map for next time if you want to do the same run again. It will also track your time and distance while you run while still allowing you to exit the app to play music or anything else you may want to do during your run. You can also look at other runs people have done in your area so you can do the same ones.


These are the best health and fitness apps!What are your favorite health and fitness apps? Comment below!
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