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20 Useful Websites That Will Literally Solve All Of Your Problems

20 Useful Websites That Will Literally Solve All Of Your Problems

We’ve all got problems. Lots and lots of problems. But guess what – the majority of these problems can be solved with one swift click of a computer mouse. Okay, maybe not the majority; but many of those silly, little problems that nag at us day in and day out can quickly be nipped in the bud by one of these 20 incredibly useful websites.

Have someone come to you when you need your car fixed.

And not the other way around…because “life’s too short to spend it at a repair shop.” Your Mechanic makes house calls for car repairs and maintenance. Don’t forget to use the promo code STUDENTPERK for $20 off your service.

Find tickets to that sold out event that everyone on campus is going to.

You procrastinated getting tickets to the Jay Z or Kendrick concert and now it’s completely sold out? But EVERYONE is going!! Check Stubhub and you are guaranteed to find people re-selling their tickets.


Determine what you should make for dinner.

Using only ingredients that you have on hand.

Find the cheapest textbooks (even if you don’t even know which ones you need)

eFollett searches for the best prices for your textbooks and tells you exactly which book you need for your classes. Just in case you already lost the syllabus…


Running a little too low on groceries? Get them delivered.

Peapod will bring all those grocery essentials right to your door (and now maybe your Recipe Puppy search won’t be as sad). But then again, if you just don’t feel like cooking…

Let someone else decide where you should go out to eat.

Never go through that painful- “Where do you want to eat?” “I don’t care, where do you want to eat” -process again. WTFSIGTE does the deciding for you.

Or if you’re really lazy, just get someone to deliver take out to you.

From anywhere.


Might as well get some booze delivered to you while you’re at it.

Wine not? Trekking to the liquor store can be such a hassle.

Figure out what you should read next.

Because with so many options, how the hell are you supposed to make that decision on your own?

Or what you should watch.

Trying to budget? Find out where to take advantage of awesome discounts.

(If you’re a student.)


Better yet, get your finances in order.

This is a problem we could ALL use a little help with.

Know when you should get raise.

Stop stressing about it and let this website give you the cold, hard truth.

Find out the answer to any fashion question you’ve ever had.

The struggle is real, people.

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Discover exactly where to go out to avoid the crowds.


Because sometimes being around other humans is a real issue.


 Figure out the most ideal time to fall asleep.

*This is not, however, a solution to actually falling asleep.

Learn something new whenever you’re feeling brain dead.

Stop living under a rock and get updated on the news.

In a way that you can actually understand.

Find out if that crazy rumor is actually true…

Because everyone’s got their opinions. We want the TRUTH.


Get reviews on doctors before you choose one.

Not all doctors are created equal.

Get help you with literally whatever you need.

Literally anything.

What are some other useful websites you use? Let us know in the comments!

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