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The Best Astrology App You Need On Your Phone

The Best Astrology App You Need On Your Phone

Here are some of the best astrology app creations you need to download on your phone. These astrology apps are pretty sweet. Astrology lovers rejoice!

Okay, so coming up with one best astrology app was a bit challenging. For those of you acutely in tune with astrology, or if you just want some entertainment, there are some pretty stellar astrology apps out there for you. From zodiac compatibility to tarot reading cards, the cosmos are in full force. Since I can’t pick a best astrology app that is my favorite, here are a few that are ones to scope out.

The Daily Horoscope

This is a seriously the best astrology app. If you don’t already know what this one is, it gives you a daily updated horoscope, which I find to be pretty spot on a majority of the time; if not always. They are constantly upgrading their look but the features always remain the same. You can get your horoscope for the day, week or month. This also tells you your yearly horoscope, compatibility with other signs, your zodiac characteristics, your yearly Chinese calendar reading and your Druid horoscope. Pretty interesting shiz if you ask me.

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The Secret Language

This app allows you to put in specific birthdays to unlock certain types of personalities. The app adopts the idea that people born on the same day tend to have the same personality traits. Always find this to be extraordinarily interesting. Can’t deny this is one pretty cool astrology app. Not to mention highly entertaining.

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Druid Oracle Cards

This astrology app is used for inspiration, meditation and guidance. You can’t go wrong with this astrology app since it’s a tradition that dates back to Native Americans. They believed animals were sacred guardians and protectors. It’s really fascinating if you get into it. No lie.

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High Existence

This astrology app deals with your zodiac sign and its constellation. You also get a daily reading and the full history of your sign. This astrology app determines what your strengths are and who you might be most compatible with.

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Palm Reading Booth

All you have to do is scan your palms onto your phone. The rest is up to the app. You are given a reading based off the lines and their connection to the world. Pretty fucking sweet.

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If you’ve ever been interested in getting a Tarot card reading, this is your app. It’s got vibrant tarot cards and sophisticated readings that are perfect for you. You can zoom in. I swear, this app is seriously intuitive.

The Best Astrology App You Need On Your Phone

Chakra Tuning

I may be a bit bias in my astrology app selection when it comes to this one. Chakra Tuning works with sound therapy and sonic transformation to keep your energy levels balanced. There are different diets and vibration settings offered with this app too which is phenomenal; or at least I think it is.

The Best Astrology App You Need On Your Phone
What do you think of these best astrology app ideas? Comment below. If you haven’t already checked out your horoscope for the week of October 15, do so now!
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