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20 Signs You Go To Santa Clara University

20 Signs You Go To Santa Clara University

20 Signs You Go To Santa Clara University

I remember vividly my first time ever at Santa Clara University. It was the summer before my senior year of high school and I was a seventeen-year-old girl who had no semblance of how she wanted to spend the rest of her life. I looked into Santa Clara after a friend of my mother’s suggested I check out the school because its rampant school spirit reminded her of my own vivacity for life. I went with my older sister to visit on a hot July day. We had driven up from Los Angeles the day before. We were fresh off an emotional high from going to a concert of our favorite artists and a trip to Disneyland in the week prior. Maybe it was the amazing time I’d been having in the days leading up to my visit, but as soon as I stepped foot onto the campus, I was transformed.

Santa Clara University is an exquisitely beautiful school. Its Spanish mission-style buildings lend themselves to an essence of cultured sophistication. Massive palm trees line every walkway and the infamous Santa Clara squirrels dance through the shrubbery, their tails rustling leaves as they scuttle from place to place.  The first thing you see as you drive down the Alameda towards Market Street is a massive bronco statue, which pays homage to our beloved school mascot, Bucky the Bronco. We’re a school that doesn’t shy away from its incredible legacy of greatness in academics and athletics, all while upholding those Jesuit values upon which we are founded.

But perhaps the best of all, even better than seeing Father Engh in person, is the student population of Santa Clara University. This school wouldn’t be what it is without the thousands of students who work tirelessly to instill that academic pride we have here at Santa Clara, all while balancing jobs, internships, extra-curricular activities, and more. Of course, we know how to have fun, too. We have basically come to define the slogan, “Work hard, play hard.” Being a Santa Clara student is one of the most wonderful blessings a person could hope to have thrust upon them. You train under renowned professors and have access to opportunities that seem unfathomable, (unless you’re a part of this well-oiled machine nestled in the heart of Silicon Valley.) These are twenty signs you go to Santa Clara:


1. “Go Broncos” is not another catchy phrase; it’s a lifestyle.

2. Everyone’s first college crush was totally an OL.

3. Swig is the party dorm.

4. Benson coffee is arsenic, but you drink it anyway.

5. There’s no better hangover cure than a Rosalena’s burrito, complete with orange sauce.

6. The second floor of the library is Greek row.

7. Beer die is a competitive sport.

8. A night spent on Bellomy is always a great night.

9. “Pent” is not just a gentlemen’s magazine, “Green” is not just a color, and “Billboard” isn’t a big sign along the freeway. Those are everyone’s favorite frat houses.

10. Mission Peak is not a casual hike, but we’re lucky enough to be surrounded by hundreds of killer trails.

11. We’ve got incredible access to the tech world because of our location in Silicon Valley.

12. The quarter system is a force to be reckoned with. Those ten weeks fly by.

13. Your 12:01 is a huge, huge deal. Your birthday only comes once a year.

14. You have to ride the Bronco at some point in your four years.

15. Santana Row is where you go when your parents are in town.

16. Your standards for good looks have increased infinitely because the student body is just that attractive.

17. San Jose International Airport is the best airport in the world.

18. The Pat Malley Fitness Center is easily the most social place on campus.

19. Seeing the notorious black squirrel is considered good luck.

20. It’s always a great day to be a Bronco.
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