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15 Pocket T Shirts That Are Cool AF

15 Pocket T Shirts That Are Cool AF

Pocket T shirts are a fun way to add some comedy into your clothing. Long or short sleeve, two pockets or one, pocket shirts are where it's at.

Pocket T Shirts are definitely the new trend for those who want to express themselves with a little humor. This shirt frenzy has all kinds of possibilities from falling cats, to pinky promises, there’s even aliens that peep out of your pocket hole. You just never know what’s in those pockets! Here are the 15 Pocket T Shirts that are cool AF!

Pocket T Shirts are in! There's nothing better than this outfit right here!  Pocket T Shirts are in! There's nothing better than this outfit right here!

1)  Pizza Dunkin’

I mean, this top is just gold. Not to mention just looking at it makes me want to eat a slice of pizza!


2) Scandalous

Thank god for that pocket… who knows what you’d see!


3) Yummy Watermelon

What an awesome top for the summer! The pocket does a great job at reminding you to eat up some fresh juicy watermelon goodness!

4) I Pinky Promise

If you’re out wearing this t shirt, at least people will know you can be trusted. I mean, who breaks a pinky promise?


5) Hopeless Romantic

A white top with a rose over your heart must mean you’re a romantic!

6) Pineapple Anyone?

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea…? All that this top does is make me think of Spongebob’s house, which is definitely cool AF.


7) Need A Banana?

No worries, we all evolved from apes so why wouldn’t you have bananas in your pocket?

8) Eye See You

People better watch out… you’ve got eyes everywhere, even a couple in one of your pocket T shirts.


9) A Flamingo

You may ask yourself, why a flamingo? But the real question is… why not a flamingo? These cool AF birds definitely belong on your pocket T shirts.

10) Pizza, Again

I don’t think anyone can get enough of pizza, especially those that wear “pizza can’t break my heart” on their pocket!

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11) Meow

No need to leave your cat at home, just take him with you… in your pocket.


12) Tape Player

Your pocket T shirts can do it all you guys, even play music.

13) A Dancing Cactus

This little guy reminds you to stay hot and confident, by popping up out of your pocket T shirts.


14) Falling Cat

This cat is literally falling out of one of your pocket T shirts, as well as flipping you off.

15) Alien Pocket

Oh you didn’t think aliens existed? Well guess what, they do and there’s one hiding within your wardrobe of pocket T shirts.


Which one of these pocket T shirts do you find to be cool AF? Leave us a comment in the section below!

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