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Materialism Vs. Adventure: What’s More Valuable?

Materialism Vs. Adventure: What’s More Valuable?

As young adults we are presented with an endless slew of opportunities and experiences. We are often told that this is the time in our lives when we should “grab life by the handlebars” and “do it while we’re young.” But… grab what…do what? And more importantly-how are we going to pay for it? Something that young adults are often confronted with is the allocation of our most valued and coveted resource: cash. It’s hard to make decisions about where to spend our already tight budget. This pushes us face to face with the question: What’s more valuable: buying materialistic things or experiencing adventure?

Buying Things

With many of today’s societal views based around buying and having the latest and greatest gizmos and gadgets, it’s hard not to get caught in the cycle of consumerism. Sure you might want to newest iPhone, or those trendy boots, but do you really need them? Sometimes you do. You might need fancy clothes for your internship or a laptop for college. While these things will make a considerable dent in your bank account, they are going to help you in the long run. That laptop will help you get through college, assisting with the achievement of higher education, leading you on the road to a better job, as will the internship. So it’s okay to buy things for yourself that are going to have a helpful and positive impact on your life. Occasionally it’s okay to spoil yourself a little too; there’s times when you deserve a treat. If you worked 6 days a week all summer and saved basically every red cent you made; go ahead buy the damn handbag you’ve been ogling over for months, you deserve it!

Experiencing Adventures

Looking back on my short 20 years of life so far, I can easily say that many of my most treasured memories are those of experiences I’ve shared with loved ones. While material objects can be misplaced or damaged, memories are lasting; they’re the things that help define who you are. Concerts, sports games, trips with friends, or even trying that cool new restaurant everyone has been raving about can get you a lot more bang for your buck in many ways. Sure, a tablet or pair of expensive sunglasses are more tangible things you can use over and over. Yeah, you can wear them again and again, but in another 20 years when you’re looking back do you really think a silly pair of sunglasses is what you’re going to remember? Go places, do exciting things, see the world, laugh, cry, put that meaningless designer watch that will be “out of season” next fall back on the counter and go out into the world and do something memorable. Define your life with memories, actions, and adventures; I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed when you’re reminiscing on your years of youth.

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