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10 Signs You’re in Pi Beta Phi at UA

10 Signs You’re in Pi Beta Phi at UA

Joining Pi Phi has been one of the most life changing experiences for me, as I’m sure it has been for you. Keep reading for 10 tell-tale signs that you gained your wings on bid day and are in Pi Beta Phi at UA!


1. You love kids (and reading).

Pi Beta Phi’s philanthropy is children’s literacy, but you probably loved helping kids long before you pledged Pi Phi. You even enjoy some reading during your downtime, don’t you?


2. Half of your contact’s names have angel emojis next to them.

3. Your husband is Channing Tatum.

Since Jenna is married to him, doesn’t that kind of mean we all are? ~sister wives~

channing tatum lip sync battle jenna dewan tatum

4. You know that ‘Fannie’ isn’t just the name of something you wear around your waist on spring break…

Two of Pi Beta Phi’s founders were named Fannie and we are thankful for them and their secret society everyday.

5. You have multiple pieces of jewelry that consist of golden arrows.

It’s just so cute you can’t help yourself and if you’re anything like me, you haven’t taken off your arrow necklace since you put it on at initiation.


6. You say things like ‘Boom Boom’ or ‘Ring Ching’…

And know that they aren’t just funny sounds to make…

7. You throw a different hand sign in every pic.

There’s multiple to choose from so you can always mix it up.

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8. You pride yourself on being frat.

Pi Phi was the first Fraternity for Women, so even though you say you’re in a sorority you can also be too frat to care…

9. You enjoy being the first one to do something.

This all started back with our founders creating the first sorority, and generations later Pi Phis are still natural leaders.

10. You met your best friends on bid day.

What are some other signs you’re a Pi Beta Phi at UA? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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