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5 Reasons Why I Chose To Go To The University of Alabama

5 Reasons Why I Chose To Go To The University of Alabama

It was these 5 major reasons that reeled me in and convinced me that The University of Alabama was really the school of my dreams.

While trying to decide where to go for college, I struggled quite a bit. Honestly, I always said Alabama was the last place I would ever consider going to school. In the end, it was these 5 major reasons that reeled me in and convinced me that The University of Alabama was really the school of my dreams.

1. Alabama Football

With 16 National Championships to date, the University of Alabama football program is kinda a big deal. I find it strange, though, that up until I started college searching, I’d never really had any interest in UA’s athletics. Growing up in Tuscaloosa, cheering for the Tide is just kind of something you have to do. It always seemed a little overrated to me. But the idea of getting to cheer on such a legendary team really caught my attention. Going to UA would actually give me a good reason to whole-heartedly support the Tide. I wouldn’t just have to cheer along because I happened to live in Tuscaloosa anymore. Instead, I would be getting to commit my Saturdays to cheering for my school –┬ámy team.

2. The Million Dollar Band

One of the most influential reasons that lead me to Alabama was the prospect of joining the Million Dollar Band. Now please understand that growing up, I saw exactly one MDB halftime performance, so I wasn’t really sure what I was in for. However, I did spend 6 years of my life learning how to play music and loved every second of it. When I realized I would have a shot at joining Alabama’s most coveted music ensemble, I also realized that this would be my biggest chance to get involved and become part of a community. This remarkable opportunity alone was nearly enough to convince me to apply to UA on the spot.



3. There’s Nothing Like Southern Hospitality

The people you meet in Tuscaloosa are unlike any others. Sure there’s “rednecks” and “hillbillies” just about everywhere you go. But southern folks have a way of making everybody feel like family. They’re outgoing, friendly, and sometimes a little overly talkative. But they just have a way of making you feel like you belong. Now of course Alabamians aren’t perfect (they definitely have their flaws), but there’s just gotta be something in the water – or rather in the sweet tea – that makes southerners such a unique and loving bunch of people.

4. Scholarship Offers

Okay to be quite honest, a major reason I chose UA was because they give out some pretty hefty scholarships. I was a little disappointed in my ACT score, but my 29 ended up being enough to qualify for a $20,936 scholarship. On top of that, my dad is actually a professor at UA, which automatically pays for half of my tuition. I’d really like to think, though, that if money weren’t an issue, I still would have managed to find my way to choosing Alabama.

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5. Alabama Feels Like Home

Above anything else, the reason I chose to attend The University of Alabama is because it’s truly the type of place that feels like home. Granted, I did grow up just a few miles away from the UA campus, but Alabama really struck me as the type of place where you’d rarely feel homesick. It’s somewhere where you make one-in-a-lifetime friendships and meet people who instantly become your family. You’ll never feel lonely, but you’ll also never feel like you’re just another number in a never-ending list of students.The University of Alabama has a place for everybody and anybody. It’s a place to be who you are and to truly belong.

Why did you choose to go to The University of Alabama? Share in the comments below!
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