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5 Ways To Win Your Crush Over

5 Ways To Win Your Crush Over

5 Ways To Win Your Crush Over

We know having a crush can be pretty nerve racking so we came up with 5 ways to win over your crush. It doesn’t always have to be so hard!

1. Put Yourself Out There

Now this doesn’t mean telling someone your whole life story but its important for you to at least be noticed first. This allows you to get off to an easy start which can be nerve racking at first but once you get this out the way, the hard part will be over with. Simply introduce yourself if your crush does not already know you. This typically works best if you have mutual friends who can help introduce you to your crush. This will lead to you guys say hi when you see each other around, then evntually to casual conversation.

2. Be Confident

I know that this is not the easiest to do especially when it requires talking to someone who you like but confidence is attractive. If you are more on the shy side I know you are also probably thinking this is going to be even harder but give yourself a little pep talk before approaching your crush or have your friends hype you up a bit. You’ll be surprised at how much this actually works. If you think that wont work try thinking of something that makes you comfortable to give you some confidence.

5 Ways To Win Your Crush Over

3. Don’t Make It All About You

I know when some people get nervous they find themselves talking a lot and rambling. Try your best to avoid that. It will save you the embarrassment and will also make your crush think your good a listener. Of course you still want to tell them about yourself but don’t let it be the focus of the entire conversation. After all, you are the one whose trying to win over your crush. Asking questions about your crush like what they like to do or what kind of music they listen to are always great conversational questions. Knowing information like that will help you with future conversations as it will give you more to talk about for next time.

5 Ways To Win Your Crush Over

4. Be Yourself

Okay I know this one may sound a little corny, but it can be easy to forget. Sometime when your trying so hard to impress someone and get their attention you lose sight of yourself, and its very important that you don’t. You want your crush to like you for you and not for any other reason other than that. You shouldn’t have to feel like your pretending to like the same things your crush does. Sometimes difference in opinions can lead to even more conversation or you introducing them to something that you also think is cool. The most important part about being around somebody is being comfortable. The only way you’ll ever get comfortable is if you be yourself.

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There is no need to force someone to like you and if it doesn’t work out don’t be discouraged. You’ll find someone else who will be into all the same things you are and will appreciate the person you are!

5. Don’t Be Afraid To Shoot Your Shot

The term “shooting ones shot” has become very popular in the dating world. This basically means not being afraid to openly express your interest in someone. I know this can be scary to even think about, but if you feel courageous enough, I really recommend it. The worse they can say is no. You never know how the other person may feel unless you are honest and openly express your feelings (I recommend doing this only after you have gotten to know your crush a little bit.) Most importantly, if it doesn’t work out, don’t be discouraged. You’ll find someone else who will appreciate the person you are!

5 Ways To Win Your Crush Over

Now you know everything you need to win your crush over! Which tip did you find the most helpful?

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