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10 Date Ideas on a Budget

10 Date Ideas on a Budget

Valentine’s day is coming up quickly! But sometimes, dinner dates can’t be a little repetitive not to mention expensive. If you’d like to do something fun this Valentine’s day while not breaking the bank, check out these 10 date ideas.

10 Date Ideas on a Budget



1. Have A Picnic

It’s classic date that can be as romantic or as casual as you want it to be! Who doesn’t love a picnic? It’s super easy, all you have to do is pick some foods that you already have at home. Plus it doesn’t cost any money to go sit in a park.

A picnic is such a cute date idea!   A picnic is such a cute date idea!

2. Go On A Photography Tour Or Explore The City

Get on any public transportation and take it to the end or just to a neighborhood that you’ve never been to and go exploring. Bring a camera and walk around just the two of you. If you don’t have public transportation use a random point generator to plan your trip. So go be a tourist for a day and all of a town’s historic and noteworthy offerings! In Boston, following the Freedom Trail is free. So is seeing the Liberty Bell in Philly, and gawking at the handprints on Hollywood Boulevard in L.A. You can even take a day trip to a national park or a nearby city depending on where you live.


sightseeing is such a cute date idea!   sightseeing is such a cute date idea!

3. Make Dinner Together

Cooking together can be so fun and is one of the most romantic activities at your disposal. It’s so easy and can be any price you want it to be. Just take a trip to the farmers market and buy whatever the two of you like. Then, take it all home and try and turn it into a delicious dinner. Supercook lets you add random ingredients and turn it into a meal. For drinks, be spontaneous and let Drinkify tell you what goes with your music.

making dinner together is such a cute date idea!   making dinner together is such a cute date idea!

4. Play Some Games

A messy game of Twister will definitely get you two closer. The same rules apply, but put coordinated paint colors on the Twister circles and get down! Thrifiting is something that can also be a laughably good time. Each of you gets about $5 or $10 to spend. The challenge? See who can find the most outrageous or hideous outfit. Both of you have to change into the outfit and take pictures. They’ll make great #TBTs for Instagram!


playing video games together is a fun date night idea!   playing video games together is a fun date night idea!

5. Explore What Campus Has To Offer

Most colleges have free recreational places that can be turned into any date spot. Going ice-skating is the everlasting winter date activity and provides you with plenty of chances for PDA as you glide across the ice together and catch each other from falling. Some schools will even have bowling for discounted prices. Check out your gyms because most offer a rock-climbing experience indoor or even a sauna. Both will turn up the heat and get your heart racing AND provides a time for you two to cool down together later.

working out together is a cute date idea!   bowling is a cute date idea!

6. Take A Dance Class

Dance lessons can be so fun and even romantic. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know you’re right foot from your left, JUST GO WITH IT! You’ll be moving, bodies will be touching, and if anything – you’ll be laughing and having a great time together. This budget friendly date idea is surprisingly cheaper than dinner and a movie too.


taking a dance class is a cute date night idea!

7. Free Day At Museums And Zoos

Plenty of museums have free days, no matter your city. It’s so fun to just go and explore history like you did when you were kids. Zoos are equally amazing and usually have free days or discount prices! Can’t find them online? Call and ask!

going to free museum day is a cute date idea!


8. Go Camping And Stargazing

You don’t even need to travel! Camp out in the backyard or find some ground, build a fire, and roast some marshmallows! It’s easy to find campgrounds almost all over the country and don’t worry because you can even rent a tent for cheaper than buying one if you don’t already have one. When it’s dark, the two of you can retreat to the tent. If it’s a clear, warm night then why not go stargazing? Its romantic and easy just bring a blanket and some bug spray!

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going camping is a cute date idea!   stargazing is a cute date idea!


9. Have A Movie Night

Going out to the movies can easily run about $30 or even more in certain cities. However a movie at home is easily less than $5 and a much better experience. Turn off the lights, grab some snacks – also cheaper than movie theatre food, put in a movie, and get cozy on the couch. And you get the added bonus of privacy to you know…cuddle. Use it wisely.

Having a movie night at home is a cute date night idea!   Having a movie night at home is a cute date night idea!

10. Dessert Only Date

Remember when you’re mom would say you can’t have dessert until you finish your dinner? Well she’s not here! Go out for just dessert and no entrée! You can go out for ice cream or order dessert at one of your favorite restaurants.


This dessert date is such a cute idea!