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8 Ways To Get A Tan Without Using Tanner

8 Ways To Get A Tan Without Using Tanner

Get a tan with no UV rays and no expensive tanners needed! These top was to tan without using tanner are techniques and recipes you can use to stay bronze throughout each season. 

1. Use Bronzer

Bronzer can be used by mixing with your lotion. It will pick up the shimmer and natural glow in your skin. Use bronzer that has more deep browns to create a deep husk, versus a shiny gold.

Try products like Nia K Summer Glow Bronzer. Blend on the areas of skin that are exposed, or mix a reasonable amount of bronzer with your lotion and apply as desired. 


8 Ways To Get A Tan Without Using Tanner

2. Shimmer 

Shimmer powder has been around for a while. It’s pretty much refined-glitter, that is made to lightly mist on the skin. If you’re going out, after a shower, get a tan using lotion and shimmer in the bones of the neck or simply across the chest.

Don’t use in a straight line across your chest, preventing a streaky look. Add more shimmer powder, as desired, with a makeup brush or beauty blender. 


3. Tan Lotion

Jergens has a tan lotion that is great for everyday use. The Jergens Natural Glow Wet Skin Moisture brings out the inner glowing hues of your skin. Simply apply after a shower for a few days, to see results. It is best to use a reasonable amount each time, to gradually build your tan. 

4. Coffee

Mix a dark cup of coffee with white lotion, until you get your desired shade. The shade of the mixture will be darker than how it will appear on your skin. Try testing a small amount on the back of your hand, before applying all over. Let this formula dry completely, before putting on your clothing or bathing suit. 

8 Ways To Get A Tan Without Using Tanner


5. Wear A Mask

The St. Tropez Bronzing Sheet Mask is a mask that you apply like you would any sheet mask, to cover all of your facial skin. Leave it on for 15 minutes to allow the application of the serum and get a tan, within the following eight hours. Your skin will not only be bronze but also hydrated from the serum infused in the mask. No matter your skin type, the mask is not harsh or irritating and the tan can last for two to three days! 

6. Cocoa Powder

Mix cocoa powder with white lotion. The unscented lotion works the best, to prevent breakouts. Be sure to also use a white lotion, so the brown pigment of the cocoa will show on your skin.

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Blend the lotion and cocoa powder until there are no lumps and apply. Try putting a piece of clear wrapping paper or newspaper on the surface you will be mixing on since the cocoa powder can get a bit messy. 

7. Black Tea

Make tea like you normally would, using up to four tea bags in your hot water. Let it cool, then blend with white lotion, the same way you would blend if you were making the cocoa powder formula. If you want to get a tan that is darker, simply blend more tea in your lotion. 

8. Tanning Water 

Get a tan, using tanning water! Tanning water is a stainless way to get a tan, with a similar application method as a self spray tan. Simply spray the tanning water all over evenly, with a water tanner like the Isle of Paradise. Avoid applying a coat that is too heavy and be sure to rub in with your palms.  


8 Ways To Get A Tan Without Using Tanner

Tanning is usually done with sticky self-tanning formulas that are hard to apply. Using these steps to get a tan, without using traditional spray and self-tanning lotion will save you time and money while maintaining your magical glow each day!

Which way to get a tan, do you want to try this summer? Let us know in the comments! 

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