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20 Things Anyone Addicted To Tanning Will Understand

20 Things Anyone Addicted To Tanning Will Understand


If you’re addicted to tanning, you can definitely relate to these 20 things…

1. Becoming a lobster.

When you fall asleep because you’re so comfortable and wake up to sunburn all over your back – not fun.

2. Going crazy with aloe.

It’s inevitable that you’ll get burnt, so you have to be prepared for the worst by stocking up.


3. Having tanning contests with your fellow tan addicts.

I will become browner than you. I’ve had years of experience.


4. Praying and begging for time to go faster.

Who needs the fall, winter, and spring – give me the beautiful summer already!


5. Sweating.

A lot. Being out in the sun for countless hours is more than a little too hot.

6. Owning multiple bathing suits that look exactly alike.

Because you don’t want to have fourteen different tan lines.

7. Or actually, tan lines in general.

You constantly move your bathing suit around to prevent those horridly stark outlines. Anyone addicted to tanning knows what I’m talking about.


8. Differing skin tones.

Your face always ends up way lighter than the rest of your body and your knees are the first to crisp.

9. Sunglasses?

They’re great protection from your eyes, but do you really want glasses marks on your nose?

10. Reapplying lip balm and sunscreen.

Over and over and OVER again.


11. Always reading labels of lotions, sunscreens and sunblock.

You’ve gotta figure out which ones will work best to prevent burns while still allowing you to tan.

12. Mastering sunscreen application.

By strategically keeping certain areas (including the front of your bathing suit, your hair and your mouth) away from the lotion.

13. Having a love/hate relationship with the sun.

It’ll hide in the clouds when you need it most but when it’s out and shining bright, you feel alive.

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14. Highlights.

Your hair turns several shades lighter because of constant exposure to sunlight.

15. And dry hair.

As much as those sun-kissed highlights are welcomed with open arms – the constant exposure to heat dramatically sucks the moisture out of your hair (and causes that hair-on-fire smell).


16. Flipping over like a pancake or patty for even tone.

You don’t want to be “Casper the Friendly Ghost” colored on one side and glistening bronzed on the other.

17. Constant fear of streaky sunscreen.

Usually caused by ocean waves or pool splashes.




18. Skepticism over your choice to tan.

Aren’t you worried about skin cancer? Why don’t you like your skin color? Are you actually addicted to tanning?!

19. Towel VS chair.

Towels barely give you protection from bugs and dirt/sand on the ground. Chairs leave marks and let’s face it… we’ve all fallen off of them.

20. Admiration (and jealousy) over your fabulous beach glow!

Anything else to add to the list of things anyone addicted to tanning will understand? Share in the comments!

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