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8 Ways To Camouflage A Broken Nail

8 Ways To Camouflage A Broken Nail

A broken nail is the worst right?! When you break a nail, it’s easy to jump into panic, especially when you’re in between your manicures. Follow these tips to camouflaging a broken nail for a super-fast remedy to your girl emergency. 

1. Even Length

Yes, cutting your nails will be devastating, but making sure they’re all the same length, will cover the broken nail. Cut or file each nail the same length, as the broken nail and polish with clear for a freshly manicured look. You can paint them with your favorite color polish, as well. 

8 Ways To Camouflage A Broken Nail


2. Change The Shape

If your broken nail is still relatively long, you can change the shape of all of your nails by filing them. File them in a circular shape or square, this way all of your nails are the same shape and an even length without having to cut them 

3. Add A Tip

There are new age manicure sets that come with nail tips that you can add to your nail to give it length. Add a tip to the broken nail using a nail kit that comes with acrylic formula or dip formula, where you can get a salon-style manicure quickly. Apply the nails according to the directions and paint them your favorite color or keep them natural with the white or American style tips. 

8 Ways To Camouflage A Broken Nail


4. Add A Design

File down and add a simple design. Add stripes, by using tape to lay on top of the broken nail and paint the desired color. Pull the tape up and you will have a stripe design. You can also write small letters on the nail, with a nail pen, after cutting the broken nail down to an even shape. 

8 Ways To Camouflage A Broken Nail

5. Wear A Large Ring 

Wear a large ring on the opposite hand of the broken nail. This will bring the focus to the ring and not your broken nail. Or, if you want, wear small midi rings on each finger, to keep the eyes wondering. not causing the broken nail to stick out in an obvious way. One of the best types of rings would be a large ring with a center stone or gem. 


6. Paint Black

If your nails are uneven, because of a broken one try painting your nails black to blend the look of the broken nail. Choose a polish that is highly pigmented, for a deep black that will match your wardrobe and keep the attention subtle.

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7. Tape

If you have a cracked nail, simply put a small piece of sturdy tape. Once you have your nail taped, paint over the tape in the desired color! Try painting a clear coat, before painting a new coat if you are painting a different color.


This way, you can secure the tape, first. Be sure to use tape that is sturdy and won’t easily shift when painting over your nails. 

8. Super Glue

Super glue?! YES. Superglue the broken nail piece making sure to apply the glue neatly. Hold in place for a few seconds until dry, then paint your nails in your desired shade.

If the nail is too heavy to glue, try slightly trimming the nail from the top, but don’t cut off the broken piece completely. Then glue the trimmed nail piece and apply a coat of nail polish. 


When you think your manicure is ruined, there’s a solution to blending the trouble nail. Take your time with repairing your broken nail, with each of these quick fixes and you will have a neat and less noticeable manicure look.  

Have you ever had a broken nail, at the wrong time? Let us know in the comments, which of these ways you could have camouflaged it! 

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