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Safest Ways To Get An Amazing Tan

Safest Ways To Get An Amazing Tan

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An Amazing Tan can be something that a lot of people search for, but not a lot of people find it. On top of that, getting a tan in some ways can be very harmful to one’s body. So let’s split the difference and talk about the safest ways to get an Amazing Tan.

1)  The Sun

An Amazing tan can really only happen one way safely, and naturally. And that is by using what nature gives, the sun! Using any kind of artificial measures to get an Amazing Tan will often only lead to stress on your wallet and health. So Stickk to the natural heat of the sun and keep yourself in the green when it comes to taking care of your body.

Safest Ways To Get An Amazing Tan


2) Avoiding Sunbeds

Like I mentioned before, the sun is your best bet for getting an Amazing Tan. But alongside that fact, it is the safest way for you to do so. Using artificial means to raise UV exposure like sunbeds or tanning salons can lead to a lot of different forms of damage to your skin. My best advice for you is to do a lot of research about any form of artificial tanning before you even remotely talk about trying to get an Amazing Tan through one of these means. Plus, there’s really no reason to spend your hard-earned money on something that you can get for free. Also, you only have one body in this life naturally, don’t force it to change when you can get what you want on your own.

3) The Right Sunscreen

This tip is huge for anyone trying to get an Amazing Tan. There are so many different types of sunscreen out there in the world today. And believe me, I know, it can be really hard or frustrating to try and figure out which kind is best for you. really you just need to look at yourself and figure out what you are going for, And what kind of sun exposure you will be using to get that Amazing tan that you want. Once you figure that out, you can decide how strong of an SPF you need, and exactly what kind will suit your skin type best. This is a good time to ask around among your friends of people working at the beach.

4) Understand Yourself With Tanning

I am a lobster. I’m not kidding, in terms of myself, I do not tan easily or well. I have a very sensitive threshold where the sun will go from tanning me to just straight burning me. Everyone needs to be aware of this part of themselves and be cautious about how long they stay in the sun. No Amazing Tan is going to be that satisfying if you can’t even move your body without being in pain. Run a couple tests outside someday and see what the over and under times are before you feel like the sun is affecting you, and when you feel like you’ve been outside for too long. Once you know yourself a little better on this topic, getting an AMazing Tan will become easier.


5) Go For Some Shade

While this sounds counterintuitive for getting an Amazing Tan, this can actually be a great tip for maintaining healthy skin while tanning. As mentioned before, the goal is not to burn your skin darker. You want to tan naturally and evenly so that your body can get used to it. If you do anything too fast or severe, that’s when you start getting into areas of concern for your body’s wellbeing. So be sure to take breaks while you’re getting that Amazing Tan and go rest in the shade at regular intervals. This will give your skin the break it needs to maintain your tan without burning it away.

Safest Ways To Get An Amazing Tan

6) Reflection

Using a means of reflection to get an Amazing Tan can be very useful. Whether its reflective surfaces or blankets, it can help you get a more well-rounded tan for your body. Furthermore, if you play any kind of water-based sports, this can really help you get a nice dark tan as it amplifies the sun’s rays against your body. However, the same goes for the reverse. If you burn easily, dipping in the water for too long under the sun will really make you out to be a lobster.


7) Coconut Oil

Oil for an Amazing Tan, what gives? Well, when tanning your body is effectively using nutrients to handle the heat on your skin and tinting it to that darker color. Coconut Oil can assist your body by giving it plenty of nutrients to work with so that your skin stays healthy, but also maintains that color you worked so hard to achieve. Plus it can push your burning point a little farther down the line so you don’t have to take breaks so often.

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8) Avoid Skin Abuse

You worked so hard to get that Amazing Tan, don’t go scrubbing it off! Using any kind of overly intense soap or skin products accompanied by hard scrubbing in the shower will scrape the skin cells away that you just tanned. Be gentle with your skin after putting it under the sun for so long. Use mellow soaps and do go scrubbing your skin so hard. Take it easy and let your body coast for a while while you get to enjoy walking around with that Amazing Tan.


9) Supplements and Oils

Now, while I did say you should avoid any means of artificial tanning such as salons or sunbeds, going to one of these places might have some value. Now what I’m saying is this, at places like these you can often ask specialists for supplements or oils for your skin that will assists you in keeping or getting that Amazing Tan you are looking for. These people know their stuff and might still be able to help you get that tan without forcing you to do something overly artificial. So get to know the owners and let them know what you’re after and how you’d like to look. They” be able to hook you up with the product that is best for your current complexion.

10) Skin Nutrients

No, you don’t have to go on a diet just to get a tan. However, if you want an Amazing Tan, it might benefit you to eat some sun friendly foods. Just like with the coconut oil, if you pump your body full of the right nutrients and foods, it will help you on your adventure to get that tan you’re looking for. Citrus foods or bright colored peppers all share the same chemical that will allow you to feed your skin exactly what it needs to get that Amazing Tan.

Safest Ways To Get An Amazing Tan


So what are your thoughts on these tips to getting an Amazing Tan? Have any other tips for our friendly readers? Write them down in the comments below, and let us know how you got that color everyone is vying for.

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