15 Ways To Celebrate Your 21st Birthday In The Summer

Summer birthdays can be hard, especially when it’s your 21st. Finally being able to drink should make for a great birthday, but it can take some of the magic away having everyone on different schedules and in different places. But summer birthdays also have perks! The weather is perfect and there’s way more free time to plan trips or have even bigger parties. So don’t let the summer birthday blues get you down! Here are 15 ways to still celebrate your 21st birthday in the summer.

1. Look Good, Feel Good

This is a saying for a reason. Nothing makes you have a good time like looking hot and feeling confident, especially for the tons of pictures about to be snapped of you on your 21st. Buy yourself a special birthday outfit, do your hair and makeup, and put everyone on photo duty for the rest of the day. No matter what you’re doing to celebrate your 21st birthday in the summer, dressing up will make it feel special.

Ways to celebrate your 21st birthday in the summer.

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2. Visit High-End Bars

We all know the typical way to celebrate your 21st birthday in the summer: carrying the sign around your local bars and ending the night a little less than sober. There’s nothing wrong with this type of party, but if you’re looking for something different try visiting some classier bars in the vicinity. Sit down with your friends for a couple of elegant and way too expensive cocktails. It’s your night!

3. Have a Spa Day

Let yourself be pampered on your birthday. Book a manicure, a pedicure, a massage, or all three. Take time for whatever helps you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Plus, your family or friends won’t be upset at all accompanying you on this birthday celebration.

Ways to celebrate your 21st birthday in the summer.

4. Get Reservations at a Fancy Restaurant

Your birthday is the time to celebrate yourself, and your 21st is the time to go all out. We all have those extravagant restaurants we lust over, but would never dare to go into for risk of falling in love with a $30 entree. Now is the time to throw caution to the wind. Book a reservation at the most appealing fancy restaurant and treat yourself to a special birthday meal.

5. Go on a Camping Trip

If you want less of glitzy way to celebrate your 21st birthday in the summer, and more of the quality time with those you love, schedule a camping trip the weekend before or after your 21st. Getting off the grid to hang out in nature is a great way to relax and reconnect. The booze can always tag along, just be careful around the campfire!

Ways to celebrate your 21st birthday in the summer.

6. Visit a Nearby City

If you live in a smaller town, or just want a change of pace, move the locale of your celebration to a nearby city. Schedule a trip with your friends, S/O, or family to go see the sights and check out the city scene. If you’re worried about an expensive, overnight stay, check out Airbnb for great deals.

7. Throw a House Party

Let’s return to the days of the house party. Fill up your home (or a friend’s home for less clean up) for a night of hanging out and playing drinking games. Set it up in advance so friends can make the trip from out of town. Add a theme like luau or a vine party for some extra fun.

Ways to celebrate your 21st birthday in the summer.

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8. Spend the Afternoon at a Brewery

When you celebrate your 21st birthday in the summer, you don’t have to be limited to nightlife. Sometimes afternoons can even work better for people’s schedules. Now that you’re old enough to drink beer, spend the sunny afternoon out at a brewery. They usually have great outdoor vibes and seating perfect for sitting around and day drinking with your friends and family.

9. Take the Party Outside

If you like the idea of partying outside, but want to keep it at home, throw a party in the backyard–day or night. A nice backyard can be the perfect area for people to mill around and play games like corn hole. Everyone is a sucker for a cookout, and as evening sets in, you can have a bonfire for hotdogs or smores.

Ways to celebrate your 21st birthday in the summer.

10. Design your own Bar Crawl

If you’re looking for festivities and activities outside of the house, design your own bar crawl! This is a perfect way to make sure your group is having fun, drinking lots, and visiting all your favorite locations. You can stick to a strict schedule or stay as long as you like in each location, but save your favorite for last so the party can end there.

11. Grab Brunch

If you want a smaller, but still fun and extravagant party, get brunch with your friends or family. Nothing feels quite so luxurious as a good brunch. Meanwhile, they don’t take a ton of time or money. Plus, it’s the most acceptable way to drink in the morning or afternoon.Ways to celebrate your 21st birthday in the summer.

12. Get your Hair and Makeup Done

If you want to take feeling pampered and fancy to another level, schedule an appointment to get your hair and makeup done on your birthday. You’ll be set to feel fabulous for the rest of the day and all the festivities. We all dream of being made over on a daily basis. Your 21st is a perfect excuse to actually live that life for a day!

13. Throw a Game Night

If you want to have friends over, but are worried about people feeling awkward or not having anything to say, throw some games into the mix. Invite people over for a night of games like Cards Against Humanity, Twister, or whatever the kids are playing today. That way everyone can comfortably drink in your home with something fun to do.

14. Spend the Day with your Family

Maybe spending the day with your family sounds lame for a 21st celebration, but don’t forget, no one knows how to pamper you like your family. Have your parents treat you to a fancy meal or just cook your favorite one at home. They’ll be sure to adore you all day.

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15. Take Time for Yourself

Above everything else, this day is for you! So do whatever makes you happy and don’t worry about what you should be doing or what looks best in pictures. There’s nothing wrong with spending the whole day binging Netflix in your PJs, if that’s what you want. It’s all about you. Happy 21st! It’s super fun to celebrate your 21st birthday in the summer.

Ways to celebrate your 21st birthday in the summer.

What do you think are great ways to celebrate your 21st birthday in the summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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