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12 Things That Happen When You Smoke Weed for the First Time

12 Things That Happen When You Smoke Weed for the First Time

Are you wondering what happens when you smoke weed for the first time? From the munchies, to falling asleep, we’ve put together the funniest step by step guide for what to expect when you smoke for the first time!

1. The time warp begins.

You think it’s 3:30 am but it’s just barely passed midnight – aka, you think the party is over but it hasn’t even started.

2. Can’t. Stop. Eating.

You suddenly have the appetite of a 400 pound sumo wrestler. You don’t even like hot dogs, but when you see that package hiding in the back of the freezer – BRING IT ON.

3. Loud screaming syndrome.

You suddenly start shouting everything you say to make sure everyone can hear you…even though they hear you just fine. Thanks, weed.

4. The admissions begin.

You exclaim to the world (everyone cramped in your snug dorm room) that you want to text your crush but don’t have to because he is already in the room with you.

5. Your reactions become a bit…abnormal.

You smile blindly after revealing your feelings for your crush, completely unaware of the fact that he heard every word you just said. Everyone else in the room is laughing, while your crush tries to be polite by responding, “what?” as if he didn’t hear.

6. You seek friendly stranger support.

All of a sudden you feel like a box is suffocating you and believe that the only way to be at ease is to see your two besties who in this case are the random upstairs neighbors you just met. (Did I mention weed can be a great way to make new friends?)

7. You go from this…

You suddenly feel very calm. Everything is okay and you will be fine no matter what happens…you’re just going with the flow.

8. To this.

Reality kicks in a little too hard and you start second guessing every decision you’ve made in your life. You, the innocent blonde, who said, “ I WOULD NEVER SMOKE WEED” has done the unthinkable.

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9. Roommate Uh Oh.

As you’re riding the emotional roller coaster, you walk across the hall aimlessly into bed while your roommate is studying hard. She asks in a frustrated tone, “you are not high right now, I can’t even talk to you.”

10. Your poor, poor roommate.

And then, you realize your roommate’s boyfriend (who was supposed to be studying with her) is also high. Her boyfriend says, “I wonder what she is thinking now,” followed by “ cheerios,” and you both start laughing hysterically.

11. You’ve become an easy target.

You sit in your bed to sleep off the high, but are still confused and agitated, so much so that you don’t realize your hall mate has decided to play a joke on you. She has lead your crush to your room, but at this point, nothing can phase you.

12. Sweet dreams.

You pass out and feel like you are in the best comma of your life; not even a fire alarm could wake you from this deep slumber.