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13 NYC Instagram Accounts You NEED To Follow

13 NYC Instagram Accounts You NEED To Follow


Whether you’re a New Yorker born and bred, or have just recently moved to the city, there is just something about NYC that makes you never want to leave. Maybe it’s the people, maybe it’s the food or maybe it’s just the location itself. Whatever it may be, New York has a way of making people fall in love with the city. What’s the best way to capture the love that only New York City can evoke? Through Instagram of course! These are the 13 NYC Instagram accounts you absolutely need on your feed!


New Yorkers are one of a kind. In a city where it’s okay to be yourself, you are bound to meet some interesting people who have amazing stories to tell. These two Instagrams capture these stories perfectly.

1. @humansofny

You can’t learn more about the people who pass you on the sidewalks of New York without everyone’s favorite, HONY.

2. @thedogist

And of course you can’t forget about all of those adorable pups you pass too!


The food of New York is nothing short of legendary. Of course with so many options everywhere you look, it can get overwhelming. These four NYC Instagram accounts are here to help.

3. @new_fork_city

A clever name and mouthwatering posts are the perfect recipe for a foodstagram.

4. @eatingnyc

Want to eat your way through NYC? Look no further.



5. @coffeenclothes

A winning combination of New Yorkers’ two favorite things: coffee and fashion.

6. @bestfoodny

From greasy burgers to delectable ice cream cones, this account has it all.


If there’s one thing you can never get tired of it’s seeing pictures of the city itself. Here is the biggest chunk of recommendations, with seven Instagrams that showcase the scenery of NYC. Trust me though; filling your feed with snapshots of New York is never a bad idea.

7. @golden2dew

Beautiful street shots mixed with thought-provoking quotes, equals a whole new kind of New York story.

8. @humzadeas

Some of the most interesting and daring images of NYC you’ll see. Definitely one of my favorite NYC Instagram accounts.

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9. @misshattan

A romantic view of the city that’s nothing short of stunning.



10. @nyonair

With all shots taken from a helicopter, this is the city like you’ve never seen before.

11. @b_dumas

Fact: You’ll never get tired of pictures that make the city look incredible.

12. @jnsilva

These shots and compositions are beyond amazing.

13. @jssilberman

These dreamy images will remind you why you came to this city in the first place.


Which of these NYC Instagram accounts is your favorite? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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