8 SJU Bloggers You Should Follow

With the social media movement taking over the world it seems everyone is using it to build their career and broadcast their talents on their own personal websites. At St. John’s, we have been lucky enough to be surrounded by many talented individuals who dedicate a large portion of their time to perfecting their online worlds. Here are eight of SJU’s bloggers who you need to check out right now. Who knows you might end up having one of these budding celebrities in some of your classes!

If you want to check out some of their Instagram accounts and others that you should be following at SJU, click here.

1. Igee Okafor

With a charismatic demeanor, the well-known Igee Okafor has made quite a name for himself in the past few years. Not only does his style turn heads, but with one flash of that smile you’ll be head over heels with admiration for his looks as well as his hard work. Coming into a city with not much of a name for yourself and a style that you were still molding is hard enough, but now there is no longer any second guessing for Igee and the life he wants to live. He has built a platform for himself and his views on fashion. Unlike seasonal trends, he’s here to stay.

2. Sebastian Cintron

If you like food, style and an authentic life, do yourself a favor and lust after the life of Sebastian Cintron. Sebastian’s love for living and pure photography is captured in the sleek structure of his website. Follow along as he takes strides into the world of blogging and takes on everything placed in his path. You might even want to hit him up for some great style tips and stories about his latest adventures.

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3. Jules Fernandes

An eye for all things aesthetically pleasing, Jules is writing about topics close to his heart and with his own personal flare. There is a truth to everything he puts online and he isn’t trying to come off as any other writer. Venturing into unknown territory and creative passions Jules is shooting photos that will blow your mind and writing pieces that will do the same. Check out his blog on doodles.

4. Wandy Felicita Ortiz

One of my favorite SJU bloggers, Wandy is the definition of a powerful woman as well as a multi-tasker! This girl has had her work published on multiple different websites like The Odyssey Online, HerTrack and right here at SOCIETY19, even while being a part of a service frat and pursuing a double major. She is taking the world by storm with her dedication to being a noticed woman and build up those around her trying to pursue similar goals. She lives a life that she is dedicated to, but still holds a humble charm. Her writing is honest to her feelings and it’s absolutely magnificent.

5. Reza Cristián

Fashion, food, fitness, everything about this California girl turned New Yorker is infatuating. Her two year anniversary of her blog just passed and the new revamped page is catching attention. This hard working 20-year-old is determined to follow her dreams and make a name for herself. She is constantly expanding her horizons and making sure she is staying true to her morals. She keeps the readers coming back with her sweet way of adding imagery to her pieces and her style is definitely something to replicate. If you want to virtually meet the sweetest woman ever check out her website.

6. Oumou Fofana

Hard work and passion come together on this website of talent and praise. There’s travel, accomplishments and features from other talented individuals. If you need a portal into a world of positivity and determination to reach your full potential, this is the place for you. Oumou Fofana is one of kind and so is her website.

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7. Andrea Barberia

Chic and well-traveled, if there is anyone whose life you’ll want to emulate. Andrea Barberia is creating an online world that seems out of reach, but is right in our grasp. She gives her magical life such a sparkle. Her love for all things travel and fashion are perfectly translated onto her well organized blog in such a way that you cannot help, but want to see more. Lucky for us, there will definitely be more.

8. Andrea Higgins

Publicist and blogger Andrea Higgins is living with true authenticity and showing it on her blog. She posts pieces that convey her personal experiences and growth, while giving advice to her audience. She is helping to shed light onto life and sharing her own insights. As she continues to conquer her struggles she persistently keeps her passions going. Andrea offers a life that we can all learn from.

I hope you enjoyed discovering these SJU bloggers. St. John’s is home to all of us Johnnies and all of these talented people as well. All of us here at SOCIETY19 cannot wait to see what these SJU bloggers futures hold!

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