10 Reasons Why Living With Your Best Friend In College Isn’t Such A Bad Idea

Before my best friend from home and I decided to move into our dorm together, multiple people warned us on the complications that involve living with your best friend. We were told that we would get tired of each other or limit each other in our personal college pursuits and making new friends.

Well, those who told us this were wrong.

So wrong in fact, that when reflecting over this past year (my freshman year of college), I have come to the conclusion that rooming with my best friend did just the opposite. Not only did we become closer, but we also created countless new memories together, without holding each other back from our individual endeavors. If you are considering rooming with your best friend and are unsure whether it is a good idea or not, I would totally recommend it. Keep reading for Top 10 Reasons Why Rooming with Your Best Friend is Not a Bad Idea.


1. You already know so much about each other.

Face it, being assigned a random roommate can be very intimidating. Not only do you not know who this person is, but you also do not know anything about them. However, chances are you probably know way more than you should about your best friend, which makes your BFF the perfect roommate candidate.

2. You get to experience many college “firsts” together.

Coming to college is like entering a whole new world – one with thousands of people, big buildings, crazy nightlife, and rigorous academics. It can all be a bit overwhelming at first, but having your best friend by your side each day makes everything much more comfortable and reassuring. By living with your best friend, you can experience many of the college “firsts” together including your first frat party, your first visit to Midtown, and your first big college exam.


3. You understand each other’s personalities.

Everybody has good days and everybody has bad days. When you live with your best friend, they understand this. You will know if your best friend had a bad day and just wants some time alone and you will not get offended because of it. You will know if your best friend is an early bird or a night owl, is talkative or quiet, or is more likely to go out or stay in on Friday nights.


4. You share many of the same interests.

Your best friend is most likely a good representation of who you are which means a shared love of many of the same foods, movies, musicians, Netflix shows, styles… you get the point. This means that you appreciate the same funny Facebook posts, understand each other’s obsession over fictional Netflix show characters, and enjoy dining at the same restaurants. While not everything about you two is exactly the same, living with somebody who just “gets” you makes your rooming experience so much more fun.

5. You look out for each other.

Rooming with your best friend means that you know that there is always somebody who has your back. Whenever you need your BFF, he or she is there. Literally. Most likely lying in a bed three feet away from you or sitting at a desk on the other side of the room. The person you need the most is always right by your side. No matter the time of day, your best friend will be there for you and living with them means that they will physically be there with you, too.


6. You can look forward to coming home and telling them about your day.

Sometimes all you need is some time with your BFF. By living with your best friend, you will get to come home and debrief after a long day or just discuss the typical day-to-day things that occurred.


7. You can make new friends and still have each other.

As you and your best friend branch out and take different paths during your college experience, you will begin making new friends and meeting tons of people. As time goes on, you may create two separate groups of friends. However, you will always have each other to come back to at then end of the day.

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8. You remain each other’s best friends after your first year.

Living with your best friend, even if it is just for a year, reassures that they are your go-to person. Although you may end up living with different people and going in separate directions after rooming together, nothing will take away the memories you made during your time as roomies. It strengthens your friendship and secures your bond for the rest of your college days.


9. You have a someone to support you at such a pivotal time in your life.

College is full of a copious amount of good times, but that does not mean that there are not any bad times as well. You will make beautiful choices you can always be proud of and you will always make some unreasonable decisions you would rather not speak of. Either way, your best friend will be there for you through both types of decision making. Rooming with your best friend ensures that you always have a support system right by your side.

10. You have somebody there for you through all the ups…

Rooming with your best friend means that you have somebody to encourage you to do your best and celebrate with you whenever something good happens in your life. Your best friend wants to see you succeed and will surely be down to live it up whenever either of you accomplishes something big or is simply just having a really good day.


…And you have somebody there for you through all the downs…

When times get hard, your best friend will be there for you. Whether you are going through some drama or you just received a not-so-hot grade on an exam, living with your best friend makes it all a bit better. Your best friend will comfort you when you need it (with hugs or maybe even wine) and do whatever possible to make you happy again.

What are some other reasons why living with your best friend in college is a good idea? Do you think it’s a bad idea? Comment below and share this article with friends!
Featured image source: Personal photo by Megan Holt, youtube.com