The Top 10 Up And Coming Couples Costumes

Couples costumes are always hard because you and your partner can never agree on who you want to dress up as. One wants to be a pirate, the other wants to be a princess. But rather than fighting for hours over who gets to wear the tiara, why not try one of these up and coming couples costumes ideas. At least one of them, if not all, will be a hit with you and your SO allowing for an easy and fun party. 

1. Endgame – Captain America and Peggy Carter 

To be honest, I could have wrote the whole 10 suggestions on just Marvel couples as there are so many options but I thought it best to limit it to just one slot; not everyone is a big comic book fan.

The Top 10 Up And Coming Couples Costumes

Captain America and Peggy Carter is a great choice for those that love the 50s style. Peggy gives you a chance to try those intricate vintage curls in your hair, prepare for hours of work and a thousand bobby pins in your hair.

And Captain America provides you with a constant serving tray for those shots you’ll be getting in for everyone as you embody the generous and gracious nature of Steve Rogers. Of course Captain America can’t get drunk himself due to his high metabolism, a luxury you don’t have so you’ll have to be careful.

If you’re looking for a more outrageous costume, why not go for Starlord and Gamora if you’re willing to paint yourself green. 

Or you could be the science bros as you embrace the geek in you through Tony Stark and Bruce Banner (Iron Man and the Hulk). A simple arc reactor placed on the chest and a fake beard creates an easy Tony Stark. Better yet, the Hulk no longer has to be topless if you prefer to cover your body, you can now rock a cardigan to protect yourself from the nippy autumn breeze.

Another option is of course Valkyrie and Thor with his new ‘dad bod’, which allows for more men to embrace the god’s look. Just be sure you’re willing to wear crocs to a party. 

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The Top 10 Up And Coming Costume Ideas

2. Pokemon’s And Their Trainers 

It’s no news to you that Pokemon is a big hit wherever you are. Pokemon Go was downloaded by hundreds of millions of people, and my boyfriend still walks the streets because he’s ‘gotta catch em’ all’. 

So after the release of Detective Pikatchu this year why not relive your childhood and go as your favourite Pokemon. You could both be one, perhaps a fire and water type to compliment each other, or you could be a trainer to make sure the BF behaves through the night. 

The Top 10 Up And Coming Couples Costumes

I say this, but my SO dressed in a Charmander onesie for a birthday party and I was his trainer and he just ran around for the whole night shouting I didn’t have enough badges to train him. 

But I must admit, it is funny seeing a little Pokemon dance to the Macerena. 

Definitely a fun option to consider, and if you go in a onesie costume, you’ll be cosy all night. 

Copy this look:

The Top 10 Up And Coming Couples Costumes

3. Gender Swap Filter

We all had a bit of fun with the Snapchat filter that showed us what we would look like as the opposite gender. Why not take it a step further?

Why not swap clothes?

Your costumes will be each other. Raid each others wardrobes and have some fun. 

The Top 10 Up And Coming Couples Costumes

Your boyfriend will finally have a new found appreciation for why it takes us girls so long to get ready as they do makeup, hair and body, and us girls can take it easy as well tell them to hurry up. 

The best part about this costume idea is that it requires little effort in going out to buy anything, you have everything you need already. Although perhaps some new shoes may be needed, its unlikely your boyfriend with size 10 feet will be able to fit in to your size 6 heels, and vice-versa.

We don’t want any ones night to end with a twisted ankle.

If you and your SO aren’t ones for taking life too seriously this will be great fun.

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The Top 10 Up And Coming Couples Costumes

4. John Wick and Sofia

Keanu Reeves is a national treasure right now, he is adored by all so why not dress as him in his latest film, John Wick. All you need is a black suit, gun and a straightener for your hair. 

Alongside Wick, you have the character Sofia, played by the gorgeous Halle Berry. If you own a lot of leather your look is almost complete.

If you want a more badass-vibe then this a great option for your couples costume. 

You can walk the streets feeling like nothing can touch you, because you are the guys that assassins and mob bosses fear.

The Top 10 Up And Coming Couples Costumes

The best part about John Wick and Sofia is that you can include your dogs to complete the ensemble. That’s if you have them, don’t steal anyones dog. 

Get this look: 

The Top 10 Up And Coming Couples Costumes

5. Jasmine and Aladdin 

You couldn’t have a couples costumes list without having a disney princess and her prince on there, otherwise what kind of list would this be. 

And with the release of the latest Aladdin film there is a new found love for the couple. 

Of course if Aladdin isn’t the one you want, you could go as the Genie, whom Will Smith did such a good job in portraying after the late Robin Williams. But at least Aladdin doesn’t require growing a goatee for. 

The Top 10 Up And Coming Couples Costumes

If it’s not just a couples costume you’re after, Aladdin and Jasmine provide an amazing opportunity to dress your little one, or even your dog, as the monkey Abu. It provides for some very cute pictures. 

Jasmine has had a revamp in the new film so it is up to you whether you prefer the original blue Arabian outfit or the corseted gown Naomi Scott wore. Which is the same for Aladdin who no longer exposes his chest under the small waist coat, he now wears a lose fitting shirt and waist coat. 

The revamps provide an extra layer of warmth but if you don’t feel the cold why not go for the original look. It is much easier to find in costume stores or online and probably at a cheaper price. 

Just be sure to keep the lamp with you at all times, we don’t want that being misplaced again. 

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The Top 10 Up And Coming Couples Costumes

6. Mary Poppins and Bert 

Here we have another classic that has come back to entertain us again, with more songs and a story line to warm the hearts of all those that watch it. 

Mary Poppins is a great costume to try because she carries an umbrella, and we all know how useful an umbrella can be on those temperamental nights. We don’t want the hair getting wet after all the effort we’ve put into it. 

Plus the umbrella is a great tool for dancing, and pulling your SO in for a kiss with. 

The Top 10 Up And Coming Couples Costumes

Bert, played by Dick Van Dyke, was the original addition to the couples costume. But the new film, Mary Poppins Returns brings another chimney sweep into the action, Jack, played by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Both would be suitable options for standing alongside Mary Poppins as you sing and dance at the party. 

You may want to brush up on your cockney rhyming slang, however, it can be a tricky bugger to understand. 

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7. Woody and Bo-Beep 

Toy Story 4 has been released and had its theatres sold out because so many were trying to see in its opening weeks. Whether these were actually children watching it or adults reliving their childhood is unsure. 

But Toy Story has been a part of our culture since 1995, and we’ve built a deep affection for the toys involved. So like with the Marvel universe, many of the characters involved could be chosen. Woody and Bo-Beep are just an example of a couples costume idea. 

You could also do Buzz Lightyear and Jessie, or Mr and Mrs Potato Head if you don’t take yourself too seriously. 

The Top 10 Up And Coming Couples Costumes

See Also

Even better, you could be the two halves to the Slinky Dog, but this requires you to both be constantly near each other and I can understand space is needed when you’re next to your partner who is dressed as a dog’s butt. 

If you want to do a Toy Story Character as your couples costumes, it rather depends on who your favourite characters were or what your particular style is. If you prefer to have a whip and cowboy boots over a pink and white poofy dress than fair enough. 

Perhaps your partner would like to wear the pink dress instead?

Get this look:

The Top 10 Up And Coming Couples Costumes

8. Stranger Things and the Wall

Stranger Things has been popular with a majority of the public, and if its a halloween party then whats better than a series based on aliens. 

So if you want to relive the 80s with your SO then this option could be what you’re looking for. You could go as Eleven and Mike, but if pink dresses aren’t your thing still then you have Nancy and Jonathan as another option. 

There are also the best friends Nancy and Barb if you want to represent an untimely death of a much loved character. 

The Top 10 Up And Coming Couples Costumes

Or, a more original idea is that you use your old christmas lights and create the wall scene with Joyce. All you need is a simple white shirt and a black marker pen to write the alphabet on it.

A simple but effective costume, where you get to represent the eeriness created by the flickering of the lights. 

Or if you want a more scary costume for a halloween party, then you could become the Mind Flayer rather than the wall. But you may want to read the room first as to which costume you appear in. 

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The Top 10 Up And Coming Couples Costumes

9. Jake and Amy

Brooklyn 99 is a much loved show, so much so that we fought to get it back after it was cancelled by Fox. So what better way to show your love for the show than to dress as your favourite duo from the show. 

The best part is that there is something for everyone, whether you wish to be Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago or Jake and Charles Boyle. Or for strong female leads there is Rosa Diaz and Amy. 

Or if you can hold a straight face for the night why not dress as Captain Holt, but just be sure to keep the resting bitch face in place. 

The Top 10 Up And Coming Couples Costumes

If you have a love for suspenders then there is always Sergeant Jeffords, who could be paired with Gina – then there would be an excuse for you to keep touching your boyfriend and trying to get him to take his shirt off. 

Or, finally, there is Hitchcock and Scully – if your favourite part of a party is the free food then this could work because you’d have an excuse for pigging out on the food and sitting on the sofas rather than dancing. Perfect alibi. 

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The Top 10 Up And Coming Couples Costumes

10. Daenerys and Drogo 

As with the other big shows and films, there are many possibilities within this. Daenerys and Drogo are just a suggestion for you, if you have a preferred couple that you would want to go as, then use this as inspiration and go find the clothes you need. 

The Top 10 Up And Coming Couples Costumes

Cersei and Jamie Lannister are a possibility as a costume, but probably best not to follow their life style choices as it is frowned upon in our society.

If you love Jon Snow you could partner him up with Ygritte or Daenerys. It comes down to whether you would prefer to tell Jon he knows nothing or be the queen of dragons who ultimately gets killed by her lover… I know which option I’d prefer, but you do you.

Basically you have a lot of options with a show that included an immense amount of romance. But the best part about these costumes is that you get to wear big coats and fur so if you are one for feeling the cold, this could be the better option for you. 

Get this look:

The Top 10 Up And Coming Couples Costumes

I hope you found something in this list of couples costumes that appealed to you and your SO! Let me know in the comments below what you decide on.

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