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30 Amazing And Affordable Amazon Halloween Costumes

30 Amazing And Affordable Amazon Halloween Costumes

If you are in need of a look for this year, keep reading for the 30 most amazing and affordable Amazon Halloween costumes!

Amazon is known for its huge selection of products, painless ordering process, and speedy delivery. When it comes to picking out a Halloween costume online, those are some crucial elements! If you are in need of a look for this year, keep reading for the 30 most amazing and affordable Amazon Halloween costumes!


1. Sexy Bunny

This sexy bunny costume is not only $14.99, but it is also a cotton blend so it is super comfortable! Pull this look together with some black gloves, black heels, and fishnets, and you will be good to go.



2. Wonder Woman

Definitely the costume of the year! If you are looking to get in on the Wonder Woman craze, try this costume. It is such amazing quality, you will look like you just walked off set. Move over, Gal Gadot.


3. Cozy Bat

This cozy bat costume is the perfect look for a low maintenance Halloween! You can dress this costume up with some heels and red lipstick, or down with some leggings and boots.

4. Cute Cop

A cute cop is a Halloween staple! This costume is amazing because for just about $30, it includes everything you would need: handcuffs, hat, gloves, belt, and even the fishnets! Get a group of friends to buy this costume, too, and you can form your own police unit to hit the streets.


6. Easy Ghost Dress

This is another one of the best low maintenance Amazon Halloween costumes! Throw this adorable ghost dress on and your look will be complete in 30 seconds flat.

7. Adorable Owl

Another cozy costume! This adorable owl fleece zip up dress is the perfect choice for a chillier night out. (Or for passing out candy to trick-or-treaters!)


8. Mario

If Princess Peach isn’t really your style, try this Mario costume! For just $28.99, you will get this dress, hat, gloves, and yes, even the mustache!

9. Luigi

There can’t be a Mario without a Luigi! Grab a friend and the both of you can spend the night avoiding banana peels together.


10. Minnie

This retro style costume is so adorable! It fits like a real vintage dress would, so it is perfect if you are looking to wear a costume but still look cute.

11. Pink Baseball Player

This pink baseball player costume is definitely one of the sportiest Amazon Halloween costumes! This costume even includes the socks, so all you will have to do is throw on your fave sneakers and go!


12. Butterfly Wings

These butterfly wings are only $10! Pair them with your favorite black dress and try a fun makeup tutorial to pull this look together.


13. Comfy Goldfish

Because, why not go as a goldfish? This comfy fleece dress is so cute and definitely unique, you’ll for sure be the only fish in the room!

14. Flapper Girl

A Halloween classic! Grab your longest strand of pearls and start practicing the Charleston! You can’t go wrong with a flapper costume, and you will feel so Gatsby.


15. Skeleton Bodysuit

Throw this skeleton bodysuit on with you favorite heels for a simple yet totally sexy Halloween costume.


16. Little Red Riding Hood

If you are looking for a couples costume, this Little Red Riding Hood costume is the perfect choice. Have your partner dress up as the Big Bad Wold and you will both look like something out of a fairytale!

17. Catsuit

Not only is this costume really sexy, it is also so comfortable! This spandex blend fabric will allow you dance to your heart’s content all night.


18. Mummy

While this costume looks slightly complicated, it is really just a shirt and leggings! You will look great and your friends will be none the wiser.


19. Mad Hatter

Take this cute Mad Hatter costume to the next level and find yourself an Alice! (This way, no one can judge your crazy Halloween behavior… you were just in character!)

20. Vampire Vixen

This vampire vixen costume is one of the pricier Amazon Halloween costumes on the list, but if you are looking to splurge it is totally worth it. Pair this sexy corset dress with fishnets and stilettos. And of course, some fangs!


21. Sultry Mermaid

How’s this for body con? You will be the perfect mermaid in this shiny green dress. Try out some mermaid curls and you will be the most glamorous one at the party!

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22. Pretty Paratrooper

This pretty paratrooper jumpsuit is an extra fun choice if you’re in the mood to get down and dirty. Plus, you can hide just about anywhere in this. Bonus!


23. Poison Ivy

This is the one of the most perfect Amazon Halloween costumes for redheads! This leafy green dress is only about $21, too, so you can shop this look completely guilt-free.

24. Steampunk Princess

A quirky and cute choice, this steampunk princess costume is a fun choice if you are looking to do something a little different. Pair with some dark red lipstick for an extra dramatic look.


25. Dorothy

I mean, who doesn’t want to incorporate their dog into their Halloween costume? This Dorothy costume is great for those who are ready to dress up their very own Toto for the night.


26. Disco Queen

If you are feeling extra adventurous, pair this disco queen look with some roller blades. So ’70s chic!

27. Cave Woman

Try out a dirt makeup tutorial and pair it with this cute cave woman costume! Complete with bone in hair.


28. Cozy Fawn

For another cozy costume idea, try this adorable fawn costume. All you have to do is paint on a little deer nose and you will be set!


29. Greek Goddess

If you don’t have a white sheet to fashion a toga out of, this Greek goddess costume will transform you into a Greek goddess in no time. Pair with gold accessories and sandals to complete the look.

30. Glamorous Witch

This list wouldn’t be complete without a glamorous witch costume! This costume is only about $29, but looks way more expensive.


What are some of your favorite Amazon Halloween costumes? Tell us in the comments below!
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