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30 Unique Gifts You Can Get On Amazon

30 Unique Gifts You Can Get On Amazon

Looking for a gift that you can get shipped right to your door without leaving your house? Check out these 30 unique gifts you can get on Amazon!

Shopping for gifts in college is hard. Luckily, there are so many cool gifts on Amazon to browse through. Students have limited budgets and not all campuses have stores nearby. Lucky for us, Amazon solved this problem with practically endless, awesome options! Below are 30 of my favorites you can find on Amazon.

1. A Personalized Prescription Coffee Mug

Have a big coffee drinker in your life? Get them their own prescription for coffee with this super cute but hilarious mug!



2. A Hot Dog Toaster

For some reason, the idea of a hot dog being toasted AND the bun seems a lot more delicious than heating up a hot dog in the microwave. Plus the retro vibes on this toaster are totally rad.



3. Not Your Average Cheese Board

Who needs a knife when you can cut cheese with an AX? This is the perfect gift for manly men who still love their wine and cheese.


4. Bottle Opener

Okay, how cool is this? Literally place on a wall, pop open a beer on this bottle opener and fahhhhhget about it! This magnetic bottle opener will literally catch the cap before it drops to the ground.

5. The Peach Pillow

We all have that one friend that overuses the peach emoji way too often (and for all the wrong reasons.) Get them this plush pillow so they can actually rest their head on something tangible.



6. The Cell Phone Cross Body Bag

We all know cell phones are getting bigger and bigger, making it super uncomfortable to have them fit into our pockets (if we have any pockets at all). Therefore, this cell phone cross body bag is perfect when you just need to carry the essentials! AKA – your cell phone and your cards!


7. “No” Button

This would be a funny Amazon gift to give your parents in honor of their favorite answer to the growing up you.

Zany Toys No Sound Button

8. Every Person In New York by Jason Polan

I have followed this artist’s account on Instagram for a while and it is so entertaining. This book is perfect for more than the coffee table; it could keep friends entertained for at least an hour.


This is one of the most entertaining books you can get on Amazon!

9. Nautical Photo Booth Props

Who says you actually need a photo booth to create the effect? This set is perfect for your friend who is obsessed with posting funny pictures on Instagram.


10. Pug Life Shirt

For the pug lover in your life (this is also very much me in my friend group).

11. Bakery Bath Bombs

This is the perfect gift for those who have a major sweet tooth. Let them bathe in their favorite baked goods!


BRUBAKER Cosmetics 6 Handmade "Sweets For My Sweet" Spa Bath Bombs Bath Melts Gift Set - All Natural Vegan, Organic Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and Olive Oil Moisturize Dry Skin

12. R2-D2 Bank

I don’t think Star Wars will ever lose its following and there is most definitely someone that you know who loves it. This bank is a great gift idea for just about any fan.


13. Mini Kitchen Timer

This kitchen timer is a perfect fit for the cooking and/or baking master in your life. Cute and functional – what more could you need?

14. Pantone Postcard Box

Everyone has someone who loves to send letters and is obsessed with stationery. This set will give them 100 choices!


These are definitely the prettiest postcards you can get on Amazon.

15. Heavy Duty Pro Punching Bag

We all know someone who needs to find a place to get their aggression out… this can help safely.

This punching bag will definitely help get rid of some anger.


16. Rainmaker Plant Watering Cloud

This is a cute gift for anyone who has any type of plants, big or small. It will make the watering process that much more fun!

17. Pacman Ghosts Patch

Patches are back and ready to conquer any jean jacket they can find. This is a good find for the patch (or video game) addict that you know.


These adorable Pacman ghosts can now be with you everywhere you go!

18. Alarm Clock on Wheels

Everyone knows someone who is perpetually late and hits snooze at least four times every morning. Help solve their (and your) problems with this alarm clock on wheels.

This alarm clock on wheels will surely wake anybody up from a deep sleep.

19. Unicorn Ambient Light

For the unicorn lover (and maybe even believer?) in your life. This light gives off a happy glow in the form of everyone’s favorite mythical creature.

This unicorn is the cutest light you can get on Amazon!

20. Ice Cream Sandwich Pool Float

Who needs a pool to rock a pool float? This is the best present for the aesthetic Instagrammer in your life.

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This ice cream sandwich will help you float all across the pool.

21. Woodland Pencils

If you know a stationery addict and animal lover, this is a great fit for them. Cheap and incredibly cute – gifts don’t get much better than that.


22. Elephant Key Ring Holder

Everyone misplaces their keys at least once, but there are some who can never seem to keep theirs under control. This cute little elephant holder is a good fit for that type of person you know.

Elephant Wall Key Holder by Qualy Design Studio. White Color Elephant Home and Grey Elephant Key Fob. Cool Home Design Item. Unusual Gift.


23. Mason Jar Measuring Cups

A good gift for that person who is totally obsessed with mason jars. This blue color is so cute, and looks like one full mason jar!

24. Santa Claus Wireless Speaker

For that friend who’s always asking, “Hey, can I borrow your speaker?” This speaker is perfect for the holiday season!


Santa Claus Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Audio Speaker Mini Cute Tumbler Portable Music Box Best Christmas Gift

25. Kitchen Sink Paper Clip Holder

A perfect gift for the office supply fanatic in your life.

26. Sunny Day Umbrella

For the person who likes to stand out, even in the rain.



CrownCoast Heavy Duty Auto Open/Close Travel Umbrella, Windproof Up to 60 MPH Winds, Frame Won't Break if Flipped Inside/Outside

27. Brainteaser Puzzle

Use this Amazon gift as a tactic to get your brother to stop talking about his A in Organic Chemistry (at least until he can figure out the solution).

28. Music Pun Mug

For the musician and coffee lover in your life.

That's a Sharp Not a Hashtag Mug - Music Teacher Mug - 11 Ounce Ceramic Mug

29. Hi I’m Mat Doormat

For the incredibly sarcastic homeowner.


This sarcastic doormat will definitely entertain all of your guests.

30. Save Ferris Shirt

Honestly, I think this is the perfect gift for just about anyone… Bueller?

Rep a classic movie with this funny t-shirt from Amazon.

Do you know of any other unique gifts you can get on Amazon? Share in the comments below!

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30 Unique Gifts You Can Get on Amazon!