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15 Signs You Are (And Should Be) Obsessed With Amazon Prime

15 Signs You Are (And Should Be) Obsessed With Amazon Prime

From the amazing discounts to the fast shipping, these are the 15 signs you are (and should be) obsessed with Amazon Prime!

Let’s face it, the latest epidemic to strike the 21st century is online shopping. Instead of going to the store and tiring out those perfectly toned Pilates legs, an entire warehouse of apparel, décor and more is available right at your fingertips. Not only can we have the perfect jeans delivered to our door, but even groceries are available for delivery! No more second trips or endless searches. Some call it a catastrophe, but it’s simply a smarter way to shop. Here are the 15 signs you’re obsessed with Amazon Prime!

 15 signs you're obsessed with Amazon Prime!

1. Free 2-day shipping.

What’s better than getting exactly what you need in two days without making a single trip to the store. No one saw your over-sized, stained t-shirt or day three hair, and you didn’t even have to leave your bed.

2. They offer student discounts.

Sign up using your student email address and you will receive a six-month free trial, and prime will only cost you $49 a month after that.

3. One stop shop

Dorm décor? Got it. Keurig packs? No problem. Name brand clothing? Who woulda thought.

4. Never stress over forgetting to buy someone a gift.

You’ll have it in two days. If you remembered ahead of time no worries. If you forgot, lie and say it didn’t get here in time, then when it arrives it’ll be just soon enough to be a coincidence and you didn’t even have to go to a store and look.

 15 signs you're obsessed with Amazon Prime!

5. You can use credit card points.

Sometimes you won’t even have to spend money, plenty can be bought with credit card points.

6. Easy access college gear.

Every school and university out there is sure to have a t-shirt, dog collar and coozie on the site.

7. Textbooks that you can rent

If you’re broke and in college, Amazon lets you rent text books for half of what the bookstore asks you for.

8. It has your back when you pick through Netflix.

It has free shows for members.

9. You always get what you paid for.

Never will you get the wrong thing and if you somehow do, you can easily return it.

 15 signs you're obsessed with Amazon Prime!

10. Less expensive

Amazon discounts their items at a quicker rate than at the store. You usually save on tax, shipping and the overall list price.

11. They deliver to P.O. Boxes

This is fantastic news for broke college students.

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12. Excellent communication

Easily the best customer service. They send you emails and updates so you never wonder about the status of your order.

13. There’s an app for it.

One app for everything you need, finally.

14. The app is easy to use for all ages.

I’m talking big fonts, easy to navigate and never glitches.

15. Free access to music, plus free book downloads.

If it’s free, it’s for me. No more buying books I’ll never read because I have all the books to never read at my finger tips.

 15 signs you're obsessed with Amazon Prime!

If you don’t have it, you can sign up for Amazon Prime today!

What are the reasons you love Amazon Prime!? Share in the comments below!

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