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7 Tips For College Kids Moving Out Of Student Housing

7 Tips For College Kids Moving Out Of Student Housing

Moving out of student housing can be stressful because living in your own place is very different than living in the dorms. Here are some tips to help you!

Moving out of student housing can be stressful and daunting. But as a college student, what you need to remember is student housing is just the beginning of all you have to look forward to. Sure halls were great, but trust me, moving out and into a place of your own is the best decision you have made yet. Here are a few tips to get you started.

1) Make sure you have chosen the right flat/house mates

Sure they may have been your best friend during the first semester or even first year at college, but you will see a completely different side to them when you move in together. All those kinda annoying things they used to do that you would brush under the carpet? Yep, they will slowly become hugely irritating as you have to endure them every day. You’ve been warned. Choose respectful, understanding and fun people to live with – ideally those who have a similar lifestyle to you. 

7 Tips for college students moving out of student housing

2) Choose a safe neighbourhood 

When moving out, the neighbourhood you choose to live in is important. Of course, you want to be near your university or college and amongst other students, but in most cases, this is where most crime goes on. Criminals know that students will have expensive laptops, phones and that we often lack when it comes to the security of these objects. They know we’re going to come home late, drunk off our nuts. And so it is important to take the crime rates of the area into consideration.

7 Tips For College Kids Moving Out Of Student Housing

3) Consider the hidden costs that come with your new place 

It is likely in your student housing, all bills were included in one standard price. However, now when you move into your own place, you may have to pay water and electricity bills. And so you need to think about the size of the place you’re moving into and how much it will cost to heat the whole house and whether there is a lot of natural daylight in the house or will you constantly have to have the lights on. Also, consider whether the house is in need of urgent repairs. 

4) Pack cleverly and efficiently 

The worst thing is arriving at your new place and having random boxes with no idea what’s in them and no idea where they’re meant to be. When you’re moving out of student housing, have different boxes for different rooms of the house. A kitchen box with all your pots and pans, a bedroom box with your bedding and clothes and so on. Trust me it will save a lot of time and unnecessary stress later. 

7 Tips For College Kids Moving Out Of Student Housing

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5) Throw out everything you don’t need 

All those random flyers you got during freshers week? All those freebies you swore you’d use but never did? Throw them out. You’re moving out into a new place and you’re going to want a fresh start. There’s no need to clog up your new room with unused nonsense that will probably just sit there for the next year. Throw it out. 

 6) Leave your student house tidy

Remember that extortionate deposit you paid for your student house before you moved in? You want that back right? So you need to make sure you leave the place exactly how you found it. If that means getting down on your hands and knees to scrub out that red wine stain on the carpet, do it. Also, get onto your flatmates for their messiness in communal areas like the kitchen. A messy kitchen will reflect badly on you, even if your room is clean. 

 7) Stay safe but have fun

Moving out is a big step. You’re officially on your own. You’ll probably have a house party within your first couple months but be aware of who you’re letting into your house. Even if you’re living in a student area, lock your doors. Don’t just let a friend of a friend of a friend come round because you think you recognise his face. Be considerate of your neighbours, late nights are fun for you but not for everyone else.

7 Tips For College Kids Moving Out Of Student Housing

So students, here we go. It’s a new era. You’re finally moving out of student housing and into your new place. Have fun, but don’t trash the new house too much!

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