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6 Warm European Destinations To Escape To If December’s Not Your Month

6 Warm European Destinations To Escape To If December’s Not Your Month

Warm European destinations during the bitter months of winter are a sweet relief from the cold. These are the hottest places to travel in Europe!

Warm European destinations are going to be a like a godsend to you with winter approaching. You may be missing the heat of summer now that it’s getting colder. Rain, snow and the cold air is hard to avoid when you live in the UK. If you adore the sun, then you may not have to say goodbye to it yet. There are other places not too far from home, if you live in the UK that are fortunate enough to enjoy some sun in the colder month of December. If you want to find out where those amazing places are, keep on reading to find out six warm European destinations in December if you need to escape the cold. Enjoy1

Lovely Lanzarote:

Lanzarote is without a doubt an amazing European holiday destination. It has a magical combination of history, beautiful weather and beaches to name a few. It is a volcanic island covered by lava fields which gives it a breath taking unique landscape, The Sahara dessert is less than 130km away from Lanzarote, which gives the island its beautiful warm weather and things can really warm up when the hot wind blows in from Africa. You’ll get high temperatures and not much rain if you’re going to Lanzarote in December, with temperatures reaching 22 degrees which is perfect to relax on the beach or by the pool. In the evening, it can get a bit cool so remember a cardigan!

Precious Cyprus:

Cyprus is enriched in ancient history, its compelling culture and stretches of golden sand makes it the perfect destination for a winter holiday. With a location in the eastern Mediterranean off the south coast of Turkey and north of Egypt, Cyprus has a perfect amount of warm weather in December and is one of the hottest destinations in the Mediterranean. You can expect highs of 19 degree during the day.


Magical Madeira:

The island of Madeira is close to Africa, it is just off the northwest coast meaning it has a wonderful climate year-round with temperatures reaching 19 degrees. It is an  another amazing place for a dose of winter sun. The Sahara desert can blow hot winds in at times which pushes the temperature up. It is lapped by the waters of the Gulf Stream, it is known for its amazing wine and the main island is volcanic green and rugged with pebbly beaches. If you are looking for a great destination to explore, this is a great option.

The Canary Islands: Fuerteventura

The Canary Islands are a popular European destination in December because of the warm climate and high amount of sunshine although, there is a chance of rain. A great option is Fuerteventura as like Lanzarote, it is nearer to the African coast and therefore receives warmer air. You can discover a pristine coastline with emerald waters and over 150km of white sandy beaches. Sit back and enjoy the spectacular volcanic landscape!

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Charming Malta:

Malta is located between Sicily and the north coast of Africa. Without a doubt it has some of Europe’s best weather and is still pleasant in December, it is a great place for a winter break and you can expect temperatures of up to 20 degrees. You can enjoy amazing food, water sports and an array of historic hot spots.

Superb Spain:

Malaga in Spain is a fabulous city which has amazing museums ancient buildings and stunning art work. There is no shortage of white sand so you can swim in the sea or sit in the sun. You can expect temperatures of up to 21 degrees so is the perfect place for winter sun! This is one of the best warm European destinations you can travel to!

Are you planning to go on holiday for some winter sun this December? What are some of your favourite warm European destinations? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!
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