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5 Perks To Having A Student House Further Away From Campus

5 Perks To Having A Student House Further Away From Campus

5 Perks To Having A Student House Further Away From Campus

Not everyone gets the house they want after living in student accommodation. Maybe you were priced out, or maybe you were too late. Your ideal student house – close to campus, close to everything – just isn’t available anymore. You missed the boat.

If you’ve secured a student house in a location further away from campus, don’t fret! 5 minute walks to your lectures may not be viable, but you’ll find there are still many advantages than you might not expect. Here are 5 perks of having your student house further away from campus.

1. Get your walk on

If sport really isn’t your thing, then fitting essential exercise into your daily life can be tricky – especially if you’re not a fan of the gym either. While it’s good to look for more exercise in other places, making exercise a hobby rather than a chore, your student house may also be able to help.


The walk back home after your lectures may not be what you want to do after a long day, but your legs will thank you for it. Getting used to longer walks will help your fitness in the long run, saving you from pain down the road if you’re having to navigate long distances or tricky hills.

If you are the sporty type, then the walk back should be a breeze for you, and a nice way to get a little bit more exercise in your roster regardless of your sporting activities!

5 Perks To Having A Student House Further Away From Campus


2. Peace and quiet – for once!

Not everyone wants to go out every day of the week, especially into the second year when the workload is bigger, and the work more difficult.

Luckily, moving out of student accommodation can help. If you’re not a big clubber, it’s highly likely you’ve found a group to live with that aren’t big clubbers anyway. A house further out, then, will be a dream come true.

You’re most likely going to be living in a residential area instead of a student area, which means you’ll be neighbours with couples, families and older people. Fewer partiers roaming about after midnight, and less thumping music coming through walls.


Finally, you might be able to focus on your revision!

3. Get nice and cosy away from uni

When it comes to studying at university, everyone knows that it’s not just about the studying – it’s about everything else around the studying too. The independence, the lifelong friends, the freedom… it’s all right there for you to enjoy.

That couldn’t be truer when it comes to student houses. You’ve picked this out yourself; you’re the one paying to live here. Okay, you’re still not allowed to BluTac things on the walls, but by and large, this really is your home away from home.

If you’ve got the university right on your doorstep, then you might not be able to escape it. The horror of having to study or revise will creep up on you as a permanent, physical reminder, every time you look out the window.

That’s not the case if you live further away! Settle into those dreams of owning your own home, and feel it come alive in the homeliness of your new place.

5 Perks To Having A Student House Further Away From Campus

4. Save those precious pounds

Location is one of the biggest factors when it comes to a room’s, or house’s, price. For some students, it’s the be-all and end-all – particularly the time it takes to rush from your bedroom to your lecture room. But students with houses closer to campus can find that the bills reflect the desirability of their location.

It’s likely that a student home further away is on the market for less. This might be cancelled out by different amenities your house may have – for example a garden, or more rooms – but they’re 100% worth the extra 10-minute walk you get as a result.

5. Fewer bins!

This one is undeniable.

You can tell almost immediately when you’re walking down a student-heavy street because the bins. Are. Everywhere.

Whole lines of them. Overflowing bins. Bins without lids. A pile where a bin should be. A bacteria culture, large enough to be seen by the human eye, where a bin once was. And let’s not get started on the putrid stink they have – especially in summer!

But this doesn’t have to be your fate. If you have a house away from the student areas, then your street will look much more friendly – and much cleaner. Instead of stepping over broken bin bags, you’ll be hopping over tree roots. Instead of plugging your nose to stop the smell of rubbish putrefying in the sun, you’ll be filling your lungs with fresh air.

Bet your friends close to campus can’t say that.

5 Perks To Having A Student House Further Away From Campus

What do you prefer – staying close to campus or living further out? Pick your side in the comments below!

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