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The 10 Most Instagrammed Places To Eat In London

The 10 Most Instagrammed Places To Eat In London

Here are some of the most Instagrammed places to eat in London. These places are Instaworthy and have amazing food you can Instagram in a heartbeat.
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London is known for many things; fashion, culture, architecture… but also its great food. Throughout the many markets, restaurants, food halls, shops and many other places, London has some truly tasty and beautiful options for food lovers out there; this is perfect for anybody who loves to take photos of their food for their Instagram account. To help you really make the most of the great Instagramale foods that London has to offer, here are The 10 Most Instagrammed places to eat in London.

1. Bubblewrap Waffles- Chinatown

Located in the heart of Chinatown in London, Bubblewrap waffles are one of the biggest new food trends to hit Instagram. These fun and colourful treats come with a variety of different fillings and toppings that are guaranteed to cater any taste; with both sweet and savoury options they’re perfect for a sweet snack or a lunchtime craving filler. The queues for this one can be long, but are well worth the wait, and are perfect for a great Instagram food photo.

2. Sketch- Mayfair

Located in the Mayfair area, Sketch is a super cute teahouse that offers a variety of different meal and afternoon tea options with an added bonus of a cute pink retro interior with the impression of ‘pink lady’ décor. The tea cakes and mini sandwiches at Sketch is served on adorable teared plates, and the overall look of the building makes for some great food Instagram opportunities. If you’re looking for some other great photo locations here, check out the toilets.


3. Balthazar- Covent Garden

Located in Covent Garden, Balthazar is a French style bistro offering a range of meals- but their most Instagram worthy is from their brunch menu. With both sweet and savoury options mean a great selection for any taste pallet which is perfect for a good breakfast. The added addition of some great brightly coloured food, in a beautifully light venue, lead to some perfect photo conditions, a great way to liven up your Instagram account.

4. Spring Restaurant- Somerset House

Located in the new wing of Somerset House, Spring is a chic restaurant which uses seasonal ingredients to produce top quality dishes. The interior of the restaurant is beautiful, light and has a classic feel; the dishes are well presented with polished backdrop. All these combined promises to create a great addition to any food lovers Instagram.


5. Allihopa – Camden Town & Other locations

Located in Camden Town, Allihopa is a street food company who produce some really pretty meals. It may be hard to find food that comes in a Styrofoam container. This company produces Instagram worthy food. The added bonus of being outside, giving you multiple locations to shoot your photo, creates an excellent Instagram opportunity.

6. Kova Patisserie – Soho

This cake and pasty shop is located in Soho. It is a cake and pastry company that takes a Japanese twist on the western favourites. There is a large emphasis on Matcha flavourings. The colour pallet in the shop is a prominent green. The different cakes look and taste amazing.

7. Sub Cult- Bermondsey & Other Locations

Located in Bermondsey, Sub Cult shows that a lunchtime sandwich can also be pretty. This made to order American Deli style sandwich offers a range of top quality fillings and accompaniments that will be guaranteed to make your mouth water, in addition to the beautiful mix of colours within each sandwich. This sandwich will be perfect for any mid-day lunchtime picture for your Instagram.


8. Farmacy- Notting Hill

Located in Notting Hill, Farmacy is a healthy eating restaurant with a range of beautifully crafted salads and other healthy foods. The idea of this restaurant is clean cuisine, and they deliver with a great variety of options for vegans and vegetarians, each crafted with taste, nutritional value and image in mind. The perfect Instagram photo for anyone looking for a clean meal or just something that tastes and looks great.


9. Dinner by Heston- Knightsbridge

Dinner by Heston is located in Knightsbridge. There is a twist on food expectations. They give customers meal options of meat disguised as fruit. There is even spiced pigeon. This is a pricier option than others on this list, but the food served to you are pieces of art, and the taste is exquisite. Something different but equally amazing for your Instagram, and a great option for a special occasion.

10. Roka- The Strand

Located in The Strand, Roka is a Japanese restaurant which serves tropical style food, and an array of sushi options. The food here is beautiful in general, but the show stopper really comes from the dessert platter which features a variety of fruits, sorbets and a chocolate Buddha. This desert is not only the perfect end to any meal, but a great photo opportunity for your Instagram account.



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