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8 University Drinking Games You Have To Play

8 University Drinking Games You Have To Play

These university drinking games are absolutely must-plays for your uni experience. Every student needs some time to unwind, which is what these fun games will do!

Maybe you are starting uni in the new school year, or maybe you are just bored of playing ring of fire and never have I ever on repeat, but everyone needs a new game to spice up their drinking every once in a while. These are the best (and most unique) university drinking games for you to try out!

1. Arrogance

Arrogance is beyond easy. All you need is a coin, a pint glass, and whatever everyone is drinking. You take it in turn around your group to flip a coin, if you guess what comes up correctly you add a bit of you drink to the pint glass, if you guess wrong you drink the contents of the pint glass.

2. Horse racing

For this one you will need a pack of cards and a particularly good narrator. Line up the four kings or aces of a pack horizontally (these are the horses) on a table then shuffle the remainder. Place five cards face down vertical to the horses, these are your hurdles. Place bets on which horse you think will win, if you place a bet of two you drink two sips and are able to give out four if your card wins. With the rest of the pack flip each card moving the king that corresponds to the suit you have just flipped over, with your narrator commentating on the race as it goes. Once all four kings have reached the first hurdle turn the card over, move back the king whose suit is showing. The first king to get passed all the hurdles wins.


3. Picolo

This game is an app, download it from the app store on your phone, the basic pack is free. It’s a great game to get to know each other, sort of like truth or dare with a few extra activities to spice things up. There are also versions you can pay for like caliente or bar that you can get when you’ve decided whether or not you like the game.

4. Would you rather

Each take it in turns to come up with a would you rather like “would you rather kiss a frog or lick someone’s foot?” then you count to three and either put your hands up for the first option or keep them down for the second, the option with the least people drinks.

5. Most likely to

Ask a question like “whose most likely to go home with someone they shouldn’t” or “whose least likely to make it through pres” after a count of three point at the person you think the “Most Likely to” applies to, you drink the total amount of points that are focused on you.


6. Shot roulette

University drinking games such as this one are straight forward, line up ten shot glasses, fill three with vodka and the rest with water, mix the shot glasses up and take turns to shot, those who get the vodka are the losers.

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7. Medusa

Even simpler for this game all you need to do is stare at the floor until the end of a count of three, look up at someone, if they are looking at you then you both have to drink.


8. Spoons

This is one of those university drinking games that can get violent so clear glasses out of the way before playing. Put spoons in the middle of your table enough for all but one player. Deal out four cards per person and leave the rest of a pack next to the dealer. The aim of the game is to collect all four of the same number throughout the four suits. The dealer will pick up a card from the remaining pile on their right and dispose of one in their hand to the left as fast as they can, everyone does this until someone has four of the same number in their hand. When someone wins everyone has to grab a spoon as fast as possible, the person without a spoon drinks. 

Some of these are more complicated than others but I promise you once you get the hang of them they are all going to make their way into your permanent pre game rotation.

Will you be playing any of these university drinking games? Let us know in the comment section below!

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