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10 Reasons I Wish I Grew Up Literally Anywhere BUT Manchester

10 Reasons I Wish I Grew Up Literally Anywhere BUT Manchester

Manchester can get a little too much to handle, even for a guy like myself. Here are 10 Reasons I wish I grew up literally anywhere but Manchester.

City life can get a little too much to handle, even for a guy like myself. Here are 10 Reasons I wish I grew up literally anywhere but Manchester.

1. We’re Stuck In The 70s

Visiting Manchester is like stepping into a time capsule, that’s not only because of the decadent, old, beautiful buildings it is adorned with but we’re literally stuck! The music, the outfits and even our shopping outlets have a way of keeping us trapped in time. There’s nothing bad with educating people however, keeping me in a time machine isn’t necessary.

Manchester In The 70s

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2. The Accent

“You alright R kid” is all I heard growing up, and still to this day. The Manchester accent is known to be quite rough. It would be nice to go for a job interview and not have to change the way you talk!

Frank Gallagher From Shameless UK

3. How Dangerous Manchester Is

I live in a big city yes however, there still seems to be a lot of danger. You would think it would be safe because of how busy it is in Manchester but like many others, it’s the fear of walking past a gang with knives around the next corner. Not only that, but the amount of drivers that think they’re in Need For Speed, which leads me onto my next point…

Manchester Gang

4. How Noisy Manchester Is

I get woken up at least once a night by screaming teenagers making their way home from a night out. Either that or the sound of cars racing down the road at 6:00am.

Animation Of Woman Holding Her Ears Due To Loud Noises

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5. Football

When growing up in Manchester all the interests would be on football. “What’s your favourite football team,” “Why do you support that team their shit.” You couldn’t even say “I don’t support any team” because you would still get made to pick a side. Manchester’s edition of The Hunger Games and I don’t nominate myself as tribute.

Manchester City In The 90s

6. The Music

I love a good Oasis song don’t get me wrong. However, most tourist who visit Manchester always think i’m gonna belt out ‘Wonderwall’. Yeh, how original… I mean, we do have a nightclub dedicated for ‘indie’ music but that’s for another article.

Oasis Noel And Liam Gallagher

7. The Homeless

I wish there was a way for all of us to contribute and help get the homeless off the streets, however Manchester is only increasing and from a young age I would always remember walking down the street giving my pocket money to those in need.

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Manchester Homeless

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8. How Busy Manchester Is

From the Sunday shop to public transport, the streets of Manchester are always busy! It has calmed down since technology has improved, however, as a child, it was hard to get from one place to the other without being stuck in a crowd for 20 minutes.

Manchester Market Street Crowded

9. Everything Is Half Done

Even now, and I won’t lie some other cities are like this but buildings that get built in Manchester are still getting built now and I remember seeing them at the age of 8!

Construction Taking Place In Manchester

10. The Beauty Gets Destroyed

I remember the memorable landscapes that I would see like flower gardens that have now been destroyed and turned into flats or offices. As a child I wanted to wake up feeling refreshed and healthy when all you see is the beauty getting ripped apart.

Manchester Piccadilly Gardens In The 90s

I love Manchester and I am so grateful that I was brought up in a city like it because of its uniqueness. These are only my opinions on why I wish I grew up anywhere but here. Do you agree with any? If so, make sure to let me know in the comments!

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