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10 Things Every 90s Kid From Liverpool Can Relate To

10 Things Every 90s Kid From Liverpool Can Relate To

If you grew up in Liverpool in the 90s, then chances are that you'll be able to remember some of these things as a 90s kid!

If you were born in the 90s you will have had a boss childhood, there was no social media so we had to make our own fun. If you feel like a trip down memory lane here are ten things every 90s kid who grew up in Liverpool can relate too.

1. The footwear

You would have definitely owned a pair of Kickers or Rockport shoes. If you didn’t go shopping before the school term for a new pair of these bad boys were you even a scouser? And you couldn’t forget to buy that black shoe shiner, remember that? It was basically black paint to cover the scuffs and scratches, because after a week you would have ruined those new shoes and your ma would be fumin.

10 Things Every 90s Kid From Liverpool Can Relate To


2. The clothing 

Remember going to Wade smith to get yourself a Lacoste tracksuit? Or maybe you went down to Grate homer street market, also known as Gratie to grab yourself a Bon Blue Tracksuit. Youd try it on whilst your mum stood guard and covered you because there was no changing room.

3. Christmas shoe box

This happened every year during school. Each kid was asked to bring in a shoe box, so you’d grab an old tatty Nike box and wrap it up in Christmas paper, then fill it with things like bubble bath or a small bottle of water, boss!

4. Girls hair products

You weren’t cool if you didn’t have a hairbrush that scraped back the hair so tightly that it also pulled back your eyelids.  A big trend back then was to have your hair slapped back into a ponytail complete with dice bobble.


5.  The coke can trick

Were you even a 90s kid if you didn’t use your coke can to make your regular push bike sound like a motorbike? Or we would stamp our trainers into the empty coke can and walk to make that annoying noise, how did our parents cope?

6. Being pressured to “cop off”

Growing up in Liverpool it was standard to be teased by other kids if you hadn’t had your first kiss by age fifteen.  You were told to cop off and if you didn’t you were called a “fridge”. Who comes up with these phrases? Comedy gold!

7. Being taken to McDonalds as a treat

Do you remember being forced to be on your best behaviour? “Timmy, if you be good whilst were in the shops I’ll take you the maccies for Dinner”. Then for the rest of the day you’d be an angel child, anything for four chicken nuggets and a few skinny chips! How did a happy meal even keep us full and why was the toy the same every single time? Did you ever go up to the counter and ask if you could swap it?


10 Things Every 90s Kid From Liverpool Can Relate To

8. Stealing milk bottles

Every kid in Liverpool has stolen a Milk bottle at some point. Either from a doorstep or from the actual milk van itself. Did you ever try to jump on the back of the moving milk float? The poor guy was just trying to make a living!

9. Echo Tokens

As a kid every school got involved in the Echo competition, collecting tokens that you cut out from the newspaper. You’d go in with a bag full and compare with your friends who had the most. All to win a trip to somewhere like Alton Towers.


10. Days out

We all took a train to Southport for a day out, there was nothing like a trip to the fair. Or we got on the ferry across the Mersey for a little wander around New Brighton. You’d go and catch some crabs at the beach or visit the fun house were you could grab what looked like a doormat to sit on and go down them massive slides. Those were the days!

11. Wacky warehouse

Do you remember those birthday parties at “The wacky”? You’d invite all your friends from school for a kid’s meal then go and jump around in a ball pit after eating all kinds. You’d run around for hours until someone got hurt, an injury usually caused not by accident, but through fighting. There was always one evil kid that wanted to forcefully push others down the slide.

12. Bus Journeys

Remember getting a “zoney” and just going out on the bus with you pals. You’d have no particular destination in mind, you’d just ride the bus for fun and end up in random places.  Most of the time you’d sit at the back of the bus playing music from your mobile phone that looked like a brick.


13. Rose petal perfume

As a young girl in Liverpool you definitely attempted to make your own perfume. You’d grab an old bottle and fill it with water, then go to your next door neighbour’s garden and rid the flowers apart just so you had few petals for your water, walah perfume!

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14. Argos Christmas

Every Christmas you’d get yourself an Argos catalogue and circle pretty much every toy in the book. Cabbage patch kids, Scalextric, Barbie complete with horse, carriage and five kids. How did our parents afford it.


10 Things Every 90s Kid From Liverpool Can Relate To

15. Snake

The most addictive game you ever played on your Nokia 3310. You’d play for hours trying to beat the high score, all so you could show off to your friends.

16. Tea time

Playing out in the street and no matter how far away you were you could still always hear your Mum. “Timmy! ITS TEA TIME!!!!” You’d jump in your red and yellow car and get yourself back pronto for smiley faces and beans.


17. You swapped pens in school

Did you actually discuss pens in school? Ill swap you five biro pens for 1 gel pen? This is what you call a real scouse classroom.

18. The school play

Sitting in a huge hall and having parents stare and record you on their massive video camera. You’d be dressed as something crap like a tree, or if you were really unlucky you’d be one of those kids who just read out.

19. Mischief night

Going to the local corner shop to try and buy eggs with your pocket money and being asked for I.D. So then robbing all your Mums eggs from the fridge to go out and launch them at the neighbour’s windows.


20. Aliens

These toys that you’d buy at Greatie market and everyone would try and make them pregnant. Did you ever succeed?

These are just a few of the things I remember growing up as 90s Kid in Liverpool. What memories do you have of Liverpool in the 90s?
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