Our 10 Favourite Fitness Inspiration Accounts To Follow On IG

Instagram is home to a variety of account types, ranging from photography to lifestyle. Fitness accounts have become all the rage recently and are a source of great motivation for many. Here are our 10 favourite fitness inspiration accounts to follow ASAP!

For the past year, I’ve been trying to go to the gym consistently and 4 times a week instead of 2-3. It’s a resolution of mine in order to keep my fitness levels high, as I used to play volleyball but not anymore. I do get motivation from all the fitness people on Instagram. I really like it when they post their advice on a particular exercise and I love their passion for fitness and staying healthy. It really motivates me to go to the gym no matter how tired I am. Here are our 10 favourite fitness inspiration accounts on IG that I really like!

1. @amandabisk

As a former pole vaulter, Amanda is now a certified health expert. On her Instagram, you’ll see short yoga videos, healthy recipes and snack ideas, as well as her two cute dogs! She also has a yoga app which is extremely successful and easy to use.

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2. @blogilates

I really like blogilates, or Cassey, because she’s always so happy and cheerful when exercising. I discovered her on Youtube with her POPilates videos and exercise challenges. It’s really easy to follow her workouts and usually, all you need is a mat!

3. @sarahs_day

Another Youtuber which I love on Instagram. Sarah always shares her fitness tips, advice on nutrition and general health tips that really help her. Her Instagram stories are always so motivating to go to the gym or simply move, as she always encourages us to listen to our bodies and simply change up our fitness routine.

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TUESDAY TRAINING 👊🏼 I honestly can’t believe how much I’m loving my training lately! Sure, becoming a morning person has helped as I now smash out all of my workouts before lunch time. However, I think a lot of this enjoyment comes down to the diversity and functionality of my training style. Basically every Tuesday I do a boxing session with my glorious pink gloves 😂👸🏼I’ve honestly found this to be one of those workouts that has not only reignited my love for fitness, but also transformed my body. Seriously, my boxing sessions activate and burn muscles I never even knew I had haha!! These training sessions have been a huge inspiration for Sweat it Reload so I’ve included 2 Boxing Babe workouts in the program. Oh and p.s – I’m announcing the Sweat it Reload launch date AND event details today!!!!! AHHHHH🙊🙊 prepare yourself today for some MASSIVE ANNOUNCEMENTS!

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4. @emilyskyefit

Emily recently had a baby girl and, let me tell you, she is the prettiest baby I have ever seen. Apart from Mia though, Emily’s Instagram is so motivating. Now that she is a working mother, she doesn’t have much time to exercise but she always finds some time! That is really inspiring to me to keep on going when I feel lazy.

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I did a resistance band workout today. Mia didn’t want to be away from me so I brought her outside with me so she could watch me. It worked out well because I got to give her kisses in between sets! 💋😍 . It’s hard to get a workout in with a newborn who needs their mummy constantly but I fit it in when I can – as long as it’s not taking me away from Mia. . I’m feeling so good being able to exercise lightly! It reminds me why I started living this lifestyle in the first place (about 8.5 years ago). Being healthy and active makes me feel great! It helps with everything in my life – especially being a mother now. 😃 Bring on next week when I start my FIT Program with all the ladies in my FIT community! I’m so pumped! 👊🏼 Who’s joining us? 😃 . ✨ You can trial my FIT program for FREE for 7 days – click the link in my profile or go to: www.emilyskyefit.com ✨ . If there’s something you really want then find a way to get it! – It’s up to YOU! 👍🏼☺️ . . @emilyskye_ig . . . 🏋🏼‍♀️ Workout videos: @emilyskyefitness . . . #5weekspostpartum .

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5. @kayla_itsines

Who doesn’t know Kayla Itsines?! Her amazing fitness program and the incredible results after 3 months are famous around the world. Now I’m one of them too! Feeling inspired by the result pictures of others, I feel more motivated to hit the gym.

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6. @whitneyysimmons

I like Whitney especially her famous quote ‘it’s a beautiful day to be alive!’. Yes, it’s a beautiful day to be alive, healthy and strong! I also like her workout videos on Instagram!

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Just a lil bit of abs to demolish your core 💥😅 SWIPE! ALL zee new @gymshark is dropping today including these leggings & matching shorts ‼️ All details are on my story wooohoooooo. Get your link loaded & refresh at time of launch! Thank you for those who choose to shop through my link and show support 💕😩 ILU ily ILYSM, thank you! Link in bio 1️⃣ 20 reps | plate passes! Keep tension in core throughout entire movement. Rest 30 seconds 2️⃣ 15 reps | pike up to straddle v-up! Rest 30 seconds 3️⃣ 10 reps | oblique leg lifts, having the plate helps stabilize! Rest 30 seconds 4️⃣ 15 reps | bent leg lifts! Rest 30 seconds and repeat circuit 2 more times Wearing @gymshark dreamy leggings in small, elite bra in XS. Shop link in my bio❤️ song in Stuck With Me by Tinashe #abs #absworkout #workout #workoutmotivation #circuittraining #coreworkout #gymshark #gymsharkwomen

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7. @stef_fit

Stef is booty goals! I love following her workout videos at the gym! They are easy to do and you feel it the next day!

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As it’s the greyest of grey days in London 🌧 Thought is throw it back to a sunny workout in Ibiza where I’d rather be, with that tan & with those abs again, Please & thank you 🙏🏽 instead I’m with a hot water bottle & as close to the radiator I can get 🐻 no gym for me today bc my tummy is in bits 🎗🎗🎗But get this one saved or give this upper body workout a go. Either in your home if you don’t fancy bearing the cold 🌧If your lucky & the suns out, go make the most of it & take your workout outside 😚😚😚 15 reps each exercise 4 sets 😈 You can get these bands from amazon #summer #workouts #sunwhereyouat #homeworkout #outdoorsworkout #getit #workforit #train #healthy #tannedaf

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8. @taychayy

Taylor is a personal trainer so she knows what she’s doing! She often posts gym outfit pictures and everyday outfits, as well as her regular gym videos which you can follow too! I quite frequently hit the gym following one of her training sessions. There are so many great fitness inspiration accounts!

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Sometimes we take how amazing our bodies are for granted. I used to pick at myself allll the time “I wish my waist was smaller” “I want my legs thinner” etc etc etc 😑😑😑 and seldomly celebrate the positive things and the things that make us different and unique and “us”. Switching to being nice to ourselves, rather than always focusing on the negatives, makes this life a WHOLE lot more enjoyable. When a negative thought comes to mind, switch it to be something positive about yourself. Eventually, you will learn to love yourself and LOVE the body you are in!! Stop this comparing nonsense because YOU. ARE. BEAUTIFUL. ❤️❤️❤️ – PS as you all may know… This Slounge set from @gymsharkwomen is launching at 2pm tomorrow (Link in bio)

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9. @laurajulaine

I LOVE Laura so much! She is always so cheerful! Her motivational posts about life and about how we should always look at the positive side are always so nice to read! I love her little workout videos as well!! Her passion for fitness makes me more passionate as well.

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Stuck in a hotel room with limited equipment? Stranded in your house due to a snow storm? Or just straight up don’t feel like going to the gym? – Try this little HIIT circuit that is BOUND to get your HR up and shed some fat right off 💦 – If you didn’t see from my story, mine and Tommy’s flight back to Milwaukee got cancelled and we couldn’t get out until tomorrow morning. So, that resulted in us having to get a hotel and spend our “1 year Engagementversary” in a tiny hotel room with no clean clothes 🤷🏼‍♀️ But to be honest, I wouldn’t want to spend it any other way ❤️ – Anyways here’s the circuit: there are 7 different exercises, go through each one once and that’s 1 round; complete 4-5 rounds! – 1. Burpees x10 2. Mountain climbers 1 minute 3. Squat jumps x15 4. Shoulder taps x 40 total 5. Plank up downs 1 minute 6. Jump lunges x 20 total 7. 25 second sprint on the treadmill, I have it at speed 11MPH – Tank & Leggings: @1stphorm , the leggings are legit comparable to lululemon alings😍

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10. @kinganthonyfitness

Do you want to grow your booty? Look no further! He is the best! As he says, squats don’t grow the booty but his exercises which target all the right muscles. Seriously recommend you to check out his Instagram.

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It was a light booty day that I put @stephxohaven through. Nothing intense. Just body weight and really high reps. . For those of you who still haven’t started working out but are thinking about it, just know that everyone starts somewhere. . Starting is the most important part. Once you start, you’ll start to figure everything as you go. But you just have to start. . Anywayssss, back to the routine. Just showing 4 of the exercises from the routine. . 1st exercise are elevated hip thrusts with a band right above her knees. This is done for maximum booty contraction. The key is to push off the heels when going up. Something else that’s important is you must keep your knees out the entire time. Do 30 reps with a 2 sec pause at the top. . 2nd exercise is a foot elevated single leg glute bridge. Once again, make sure you push off the heel. If you feel it too much on the hamstrings when doing this, just move your body closer to the platform that you have your foot on. Do 30 reps on each leg. . 3rd exercise are banded hip abductors. This is to get the outside of the booty to round the glutes. Make sure your body stays in place, the only thing moving should be your leg when it goes out. 30 reps! . 4th exercise is definitely the hardest one of the 4. It’s a pistol squat. This is a total lower body workout. It’s intense. I had her do 10 reps. Trust me it’s harder than it looks 🤷🏻‍♂️. . . . Make sure you eat a slice of pineapple pepperoni pizza before doing these exercises for a maximum booty Pump 🍑😏🔥🍍🍕. . . . #BootyKing #EmpoweringWomen #EverydayIsBootyDay #BuildABooty

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Which fitness inspiration accounts do you follow? Let us know in the comments below!
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