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Our 10 Favourite Fitness Inspiration Accounts To Follow On IG

Our 10 Favourite Fitness Inspiration Accounts To Follow On IG

Instagram is home to a variety of account types, ranging from photography to lifestyle. Fitness accounts have become all the rage recently and are a source of great motivation for many. Here are our 10 favourite fitness inspiration accounts to follow ASAP!

For the past year, I’ve been trying to go to the gym consistently and 4 times a week instead of 2-3. It’s a resolution of mine in order to keep my fitness levels high, as I used to play volleyball but not anymore. I do get motivation from all the fitness people on Instagram. I really like it when they post their advice on a particular exercise and I love their passion for fitness and staying healthy. It really motivates me to go to the gym no matter how tired I am. Here are our 10 favourite fitness inspiration accounts on IG that I really like!

1. @amandabisk

As a former pole vaulter, Amanda is now a certified health expert. On her Instagram, you’ll see short yoga videos, healthy recipes and snack ideas, as well as her two cute dogs! She also has a yoga app which is extremely successful and easy to use.

2. @blogilates

I really like blogilates, or Cassey, because she’s always so happy and cheerful when exercising. I discovered her on Youtube with her POPilates videos and exercise challenges. It’s really easy to follow her workouts and usually, all you need is a mat!


3. @sarahs_day

Another Youtuber which I love on Instagram. Sarah always shares her fitness tips, advice on nutrition and general health tips that really help her. Her Instagram stories are always so motivating to go to the gym or simply move, as she always encourages us to listen to our bodies and simply change up our fitness routine.

4. @emilyskyefit

Emily recently had a baby girl and, let me tell you, she is the prettiest baby I have ever seen. Apart from Mia though, Emily’s Instagram is so motivating. Now that she is a working mother, she doesn’t have much time to exercise but she always finds some time! That is really inspiring to me to keep on going when I feel lazy.

5. @kayla_itsines

Who doesn’t know Kayla Itsines?! Her amazing fitness program and the incredible results after 3 months are famous around the world. Now I’m one of them too! Feeling inspired by the result pictures of others, I feel more motivated to hit the gym.


6. @whitneyysimmons

I like Whitney especially her famous quote ‘it’s a beautiful day to be alive!’. Yes, it’s a beautiful day to be alive, healthy and strong! I also like her workout videos on Instagram!

7. @stef_fit

Stef is booty goals! I love following her workout videos at the gym! They are easy to do and you feel it the next day!


8. @taychayy

Taylor is a personal trainer so she knows what she’s doing! She often posts gym outfit pictures and everyday outfits, as well as her regular gym videos which you can follow too! I quite frequently hit the gym following one of her training sessions. There are so many great fitness inspiration accounts!


9. @laurajulaine

I LOVE Laura so much! She is always so cheerful! Her motivational posts about life and about how we should always look at the positive side are always so nice to read! I love her little workout videos as well!! Her passion for fitness makes me more passionate as well.

10. @kinganthonyfitness

Do you want to grow your booty? Look no further! He is the best! As he says, squats don’t grow the booty but his exercises which target all the right muscles. Seriously recommend you to check out his Instagram.

Which fitness inspiration accounts do you follow? Let us know in the comments below!
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