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10 Hangover Remedies You Have To Try After Your Next Night Out

10 Hangover Remedies You Have To Try After Your Next Night Out

These are some hangover remedies you wish you'd known soon! Sick of that splitting head ache? Or maybe you have work the next day?

Hangovers are just a fact of party life… There might be no flawless hangover remedy yet, but we partygoers won’t let this discourage us in our everlasting pursuit! Here’s the best hangover remedies you could find!

1. Water

Let’s start with possibly the most helpful of hangover remedies: water. By replacing fluids lost over the course of your big night you’ll be able to re-hydrate and assist your body in passing any remaining toxins out of your system. But don’t just stop at water – coconut water and sports drinks are great replacing electrolytes and other essential compounds absent in plain water.

2. Eat breakfast

If a sports drink or coconut water is out of the question- then the next best thing to do is to eat! Some hangover symptoms are known to follow from a result of low blood sugar. This takes place during the process of alcohol in your system as it’s being broken down. Breakfasts rich in carbohydrates, protein, healthy fats and vitamins will help re-stabilised your blood sugar back to normal levels.


3. Caffeine

This is more of a controversial option among hangover remedies, but then again there’s definitely been crazier, self-proclaimed cures out there… Often the sleep we get while intoxicated can be less-effective than regular sleep – leading to excessive tiredness. A hit of coffee, though not always successful, could prove to be a quick solution to that rotten feeling. But beware- caffeine is also known as a diuretic.

4. Hair of the dog

This one goes out to all you hard-partiers… Pulling a ‘hair of the dog’ wouldn’t obviously be the most practical of hangover remedies (considering the extra alcohol would only slow down the recovery process) but it could become a quick, short fix all the same. If you have the ingredients, try having a bloody Mary. The tomato juice and other contents will provide your body with some essential vitamins.

5. Sleep

If you’re a long sleeper then congrats- hangover days are going to be a little bit nicer to you… Getting over a hangover is all about recovery, and when does your body do the majority of it’s mending? During ‘sleep’. Though a shortage of sleep doesn’t necessarily cause hangovers, it can elevate many of its symptoms through fatigue. Sleep tight!


6. Have some ginger

Woken up feeling a bit squeamish? Then ginger might become a favorite among hangover remedies! Ginger has had a long history of being used to treat nausea, and it applies the same way the morning after a big night out. Consume it as a pill, in crystal from, or have it as a soothing drink mixed with brown sugar and tangerine pith.

7. Antioxidants

Getting some antioxidants into you can drastically subside the effects of the alcohol. Alcohol is linked to ‘oxidative stress’, which antioxidants assist in nullifying. Research shows oxidative stress to be linked with long-term health conditions as serious as heart disease. Some foods rich in antioxidants include grapes, berries, nuts, seeds, tea, spinach, and (best of all) dark chocolate. Yum!

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8. Take a shower

After working up the will power to get out of bed and eating something, jumping into the shower is an ideal way to get some extra hydration and alertness while you revitalise.

9. Exercise

No, this isn’t a joke- and yes, it’s scientifically proven! As much as your body might tell you it’s a terrible idea, some exercise can help kick-starting your engines and boost your metabolism. Some light-to-moderate exercise will burn what remaining alcohol is in your body and aid in circulating blood around areas hit by high lactic acid levels.

10. IV drip

Okay, so let’s just say you had a bigger night out than normal, and you need the ‘mother’ of all hangover remedies… It’s extreme; it’s on the pricey side; but getting an IV will have you back to your normal self, guaranteed! Think of it as a measured concoction of vitamins and nausea medicine delivered directly into your bloodstream.


What did you think of our list? Are there any hangover remedies that you feel should’ve been included? List in it in the comments below and help out another partygoer!

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