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10 Apps to Spice Up Your Instagram Story Game

10 Apps to Spice Up Your Instagram Story Game

We all aim for that perfect Instagram Story “game” look, don’t we? Here are 10 apps to spice up your Instagram story game for sure.

We all aim for that perfect Instagram Story “game” look, don’t we? Instagram stories are the best way to post content daily and on the go to your followers and have interaction among them! Many users of Instagram such as influencers use Instagram stories as a communication passage between them and their audience and it helps brands build relationships with online customers as well. There are many apps available on the App store perfect for spicing up your story game! Whether you love intricate designs, minimalism, floral, vintage feels, these 10 apps will have you settled for sure. Remember, you certainly don’t need to be a pro designer, creator or editor to have a great Instagram story game!

1. Unfold

If you haven’t already heard of the app Unfold, I am sorry to say you have been missing out big time. Unfold is the perfect app to spice up your Instagram story game and hence it is number one on the list! If you ever wondered how others edited their stories with certain borders, polaroid and film strips, Unfold has the answer. Also, if you’re an indecisive person, this app allows you to preview your stories before actually posting them which is great. This app is especially great for those who love the minimalistic look.

10 Apps to Spice Up Your Instagram Story Game


2. Storyluxe

If you love the vintage feel and film cameras but would rather not spend on an actual film camera, this app has got you covered. It mimics the films of Kodak and Fujifilm and they look exceptionally good. There are also other themes to choose from!

10 Apps to Spice Up Your Instagram Story Game

3. Mojo

This app has loads of templates to choose from for that perfect Instagram story! What’s unique is that the templates are customizable so you get to use your own creativity in designing them!



I’m sure you have all heard of VSCO before and you probably already use it to edit your normal pictures. Well, did you know you could edit videos as well for that perfect Instagram story! To edit videos, you would have to purchase a membership but if you are someone who will use it regularly, do consider it!

5. Kirakira

This app is widely used by influencers and bloggers online. This app adds a sparkle or glitter effect on your pictures and videos, making them look super posh and luxurious. If you are one who is obsessed with sparkles, you need this to spice up your Instagram stories.

6. Life Lapse

This app if perfect for high-quality stop motion videos for your Instagram stories! Don’t fret if you are new to the game, the app comes with tutorials.


7. Canva

Canva’s mobile app is great for creating business and creative templates to upload to your Instagram stories! What is cool is you can save your own template for later use to keep the consistent theme.

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8. Snow App

This app is perfect for those cute stickers and filters to add on top of your pictures and videos! Also great for creating cute and colourful Instagram stories.


10 Apps to Spice Up Your Instagram Story Game

9. Later

Later is the perfect app for those with a business or building an audience! The key it to post regularly and on busy days, this app is perfect for scheduling your Instagram story posts for you!

10. A Design Kit

This free app is filled with stickers and backgrounds that add life to your Instagram stories!


With the help of the apps mentioned, you can definitely create the perfect Instagram stories to interact with users to the best degree as well as improve your overall Instagram game.

Don’t you just love all these apps? Let me know if you have tried any of them in in the comments below!

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