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10 GIFs That Describe What Its Like To Be A Student At University Of Ulster Belfast

10 GIFs That Describe What Its Like To Be A Student At University Of Ulster Belfast

Being a student at University of Ulster Belfast comes with a roller coaster of emotions and stress levels. From going out to unrealistic amounts of course work, it is only right that our lives be described in GIFs. Here are the 10 best GIFs to explain life has a student at University of Ulster Belfast!

1. When you have to get up in the morning

Who really wants to get up for that early morning class?!

 college morning bed sleepy alarm GIF


2. When you look in the mirror before you leave for a night out

 look mirror how sassy model should GIF

3. And when you look into it when you come back from a night out…

We can all relate to coming home and looking in the mirror. With makeup running down your face and hair a mess, it’s scary that you were out looking like that.

Disney disney makeup mulan disney gif GIF


4. How you feel at the start of the semester

Obama excited barack obama president obama potus GIF

5. When the coursework is due the next day

 bart simpson sad school crying test GIF

6. When no one else in the class has started either

There is nothing better than when you turn to the people next to you and they tell you that they had no idea it was due either! High-fives all around.


7. When takeaway arrives

 happy dancing excited emma watson happy dance GIF

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8. You have such good intentions at the start of the year

 movies cleaning clean clean up cleaning up GIF

9. But, your room when you leave…

GoPop dorm beforeafter messy room thungo GIF

10. When the year is over

Kick that bag out the window and get ready for break!


Can you relate to these GIFs as a student at University of Ulster Belfast!? Share in the comments below!

Featured Image: weheartit