The 15 Best Destinations For Cheap Holidays For Students

These are the best destinations for cheap holidays for students! If you're a broke uni student and need a fun holiday, these are the best places to go to!
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While technically it’s the summer season of sun, here in Ireland, we seem to miss it. So even if your broke AF, here are some destinations for cheap holidays to make the most of your summer! From city breakers to sun seekers, I’ve got you covered! Also, a quick tip when looking for a low cost holiday is to book your flight mid-week at an undesirable time and stay in hostels! This will really lower your budget.

1. Budapest, Hungry

If you’re looking for culture, fun and partying, then this is your city! With return flights as low as 140 euro, you have no excuse not to pay this city a visit. Sziget Festival also takes place in August for one week, with artists such as Justin Bieber and Major Lazor!


2.  Krakow, Poland

While this city used to have a bad rep for stag do’s, this city screams history with its medieval buildings. Krakow is also a relatively cheap city, cost-wise, with a pint of beer costing as low as 3 euro!

3. Lisbon, Portugal

The capital of Portugal is one of the few metropolitan cities that mirrors the Atlantic Ocean. With the beautiful Sintra Gardens, rows of affordable shops and a sprawling beach, its hard not to visit this beauty more than once!

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4. Malaga, Spain

If you’re searching for Sangria and Sun this might be up your street. There’s plenty of affordable tapas bars here in Malaga and it’s full of quirky boutiques, as well as beaches!

5. Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

I know Bulgaria doesn’t spring to mind when thinking of a sun holiday, but don’t be put off! Sunny beach is located on the Black Sea Coast with temperatures hitting up to 30 degrees! If you’re looking for a tan on a budget, this is the place for you!

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6. Split, Croatia

If you and your girlfriends are searching for a piece of the Dalmatian lifestyle, Split is the city for you! Buzzing with an exuberant night life as well as Croatian culture, you’re sure to keep busy in Croatia. With hostels costing as low as 15 euros a night, Split is your go to low cost holiday.


7. Salou, Spain

Spain is always a go-to for a cheap summer holiday, and Salou is no exception! With a mixture of an exciting night life and relaxing day time, Salou is perfect for those in search of a balanced holiday!


8. Edinburgh, Scotland

If you’re studying in the UK, you have no excuse not to pay the land of Haggis and Harry Potter a visit. With return flights from Dublin to Edinburgh as low as 40 euro, Edinburgh is a quick cheap holiday to escape student life. With fun ghost tours and hilly walks, Scotland is the perfect break away!


9. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam is known for its vibrant nightlife and delicious baked goods! You can spend your days cycling around the canal-filled city while partying like a red-light lady at night. With inexpensive flight to Eindhoven, an hour away from the city, Amsterdam is the ideal student getaway!

10. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is truly unlike any other Spanish city with Gaudí buildings everywhere you turn, as well as a party filled beach, it’s hard not to fall in love with Barcelona, with the best of both worlds! With cheap flights with Ryanair every few weeks, you’re bound to find a slice of Spanish culture.

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 11. Dublin, Ireland

If you’re a seriously poor student, you can always do a stay-cation in your own country! Get the “tenner” bus up to Dublin and stay in a cheap AF hostel for the night. There’s no shame in being a tourist in your own country!

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12. Ibiza, Spain

If you’re looking to party 24/7, Ibiza is the place for you! With pool parties and foam nightclubs, Ibiza is a classic. While it can be expensive, visit the Hostelworld app to find cheap accommodations, and also skip the 6-euro bottle of wine and go for a boxed version.

13. Berlin, Germany

The German Capital is arguably one of the coolest cities in Europe. With its independent galleries, edgy restaurants, and historic museums, its clear why Berlin attracts so many students each year. You can catch cheap last-minute flights on Sky Scanner with no hassle!

14. Crete, Greece

Settled on the Mediterranean Sea, Crete hoards in thousands of students each Summer seeking sun and a relaxing island life. While flights to Crete can often be pricey, accommodation and alcohol are seriously low cost, so it all balances out.


15.  Prague, Czech Republic

Entering Prague is similar to stepping into a fairy-tale. With its Gothic structure impressing those of all ages, as well as its affordability, it’s no wonder why Prague has risen in its popularity over the years.

15 Cheap Holiday Destinations For Students
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