10 Gifs That Accurately Describe Being A Student At University

Being a student at University can often be hectic and stressful. We've put together some GIFs that we think describe those feelings!

These 10 GIFs definitely show what it’s like to be a student at University at times!

1. Getting in the car on the first day of the term

frustrated couples therapy GIF

2. When you have a 9am lecture on a Monday morning

tired go away GIF


3. When pretty much the only thing you consume all term is coffee

regina hall coffee GIF

4. When you are up to your eyeballs in assignments

stressed out community GIF

5. Sleeping through what your alarm and deciding to stay home, they put all the lectures online anyway

netflix binge watch GIF


6. Your outfit on the first day

naomi campbell runway GIF

7. Your outfit on the last day

episode 5 bad haircut GIF by Will & Grace

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8. Seeing someone from your class outside of uni

avoid the office GIF

9. When you think you’re late to class but the professor ends up being later

annoyed drake GIF by Saturday Night Live

10. The challenge of trying to find the lecture room

confused disney animation GIF

What GIFs do you think describe being a student at University? Tell us in the comments!
Featured Image Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/woman-reading-book-256455/