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Best Ways To Deal With Your First-Ever Breakup

Best Ways To Deal With Your First-Ever Breakup

Best Ways To Deal With Your First-Ever Breakup

Breakups can be hard to deal with and whatever the reason for your breakup, it was probably for the best. If you’re going through your first-ever breakup, it will be emotional and it will hurt. You might be unsure of the best way to deal with it but here is a list of the best ways to deal with your first-ever breakup.

1. Cry It Out

Don’t be scared to cry it all out. It’s your first ever break up so you’re caught up in all of your emotions. Surround yourself with your friends and they will be there to support you through your breakup.

Crying it all out is the first step to moving on. Only when you have finished dwelling over your relationship can you then pick yourself up and move on.


2. Delete Them From Social Media

When the relationship has ended, unless you mutually decide to stay friends, it’s best to delete them from all of your social media.

You don’t need a constant reminder of your ex as it will mean you’ll be continuously reminded of the past. If you still have your ex on your social media, you’ll subconsciously be checking up on them and it will just cause you more heartbreak.

While it might be hard to delete them from your social media, it’ll be better for you in the long run.


Best Ways To Deal With Your First Ever Breakup

3. Focus On Yourself

This is a great way to deal with your first-ever breakup – by focusing on yourself, you’ll become a happier and better you.

Forgetting about your ex might be hard as you’ll only want to remember the good memories you had together but to move on, you need to forget about them and turn your attention to yourself.


Go all out and pamper yourself! Go shopping with some friends and do some retail therapy or have a girly night in. Get your haircut or dye it a completely different colour you never thought you would go for! It’s all about getting out of your comfort zone and rediscovering yourself again. Before you know it, the pain of the breakup will no longer be there.

4. Exercise

You might hate exercise or you might already be a gym bunny. Whichever category you fall into, exercise is another way to deal with your first-ever breakup.

Exercising is a great way to release stress and helps you focus on becoming fitter and stronger. Exercising will also help you release endorphins and will not only help you physically but mentally.

Best Ways To Deal With Your First Ever Breakup

5. Don’t Jump Back Into the Dating Immediately

This is a classic slip up for a lot of people dealing with a breakup but don’t be one of those people! While you might miss having a significant other, getting back into dating is not the answer.

You don’t need to be jumping back into another relationship that quickly if you are not in the right mind frame or if you’re still hurting. Only start dating when you feel ready – there is no specific time frame, only you know when you are ready.

6. Be Patient – Time is a Great Healer

Be patient with yourself. If it is your first-ever breakup, it may take you a long time to deal with the breakup before you feel ready to move on and that is absolutely fine.

Don’t rush the process of healing, time itself is the best healer so take all the time you need. Do whatever you need throughout this process – everyone is different when it comes to dealing with things so do what you feel is right.

Best Ways To Deal With Your First Ever Breakup

Dealing with breakups can be tough and even more so if it is your first-ever breakup but we hope these tips helped. If you have any tips, let us know in the comments below!

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