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8 Ways To Spice Up Date Night

8 Ways To Spice Up Date Night

8 Ways To Spice Up Date Night

Date night is something that is essential in relationships. You don’t always need to go big, but sometimes you want something to really make you both sparkle. Here are a few things that can help you spice up date night and make you realise that you partner is the best! (Even though you don’t need to be reminded!)

1. Have a little boogie.

Learning a dance together is the perfect way to give you both a little giggle. Salsa, maybe some dirty dancing moves? Neither of you need to be Patrick Swayze, but doesn’t hurt to try? Get those hips going, and shake what your mama gave you. It could become a regular thing and by the end of it, you’ll be dancing queens. (If you aren’t already!)


2. Cocktail party for two.

Now, getting drunk with your other half is not the same as getting drunkĀ  with your friends. All that love begins to spill out way more after a few beverages! Shake up date night with a mini cocktail party, i’m sure it’ll stir things up. Few spirits, mixers, and some little attempt at garnishes. PROS!

3. Play a Video Game.

Video games aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but sometimes you find a game that really just tickles your fancy and you’re in the zone. Hashtag GAMER! Games where you have a lot of control are always fun, for example; Sims, or Life is strange are some of the best games to get started with. Life is strange has various different routes you can go down, which all determines your outcome. OR Sims you can create endless family members, and maybe even build a wall around the swimming pool…


4. Stay in a Cabin for the weekend.

Sometimes we forget the beauty of nature, and how lovely it is to be away from everything. So put your phone on silent, and get connecting with Bae and indulge in each others company. Get to know each other whilst surrounded by that beauty, and try not to let your mind tell you it’s like all the horror movies you see.

5. Fancy dinner.

After being with your significant other for a while, fancy dates become a myth. Don’t let it happen, get dressed up, put on some fancy clothes, and get yourselves down to that restaurant you’re both dying to try. Don’t allow life to stop you from having those nights where you splash out and have a starter, main & dessert and maybe a bottle of wine too. TREAT YO’ SELVES!

6. Movie Night (With a twist)

Make a list of movies that both of you want the other one to see or just want to see yourself, and then throw them into a random generator and whatever movie it picks you gotta watch! It would be movie night with a twist if you gave yourselves a good mix of genres. Get randomising those movies, and buckle in. Snacks, a blanket and a cuddle will sort it!

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7. Spa Day.

We all know that men know nothing about skin care, or they just


don’t understand it. So take bae to venture into the realms of relaxation and wind down. If you’ve both had a busy time then this is the perfect date day idea so you can both chill together.

8. Go to the Museum, and play HIDE & SEEK.

Hide and seek was the go to game as a kid, and it’s still just as thrilling. Get in touch with your inner child again and explore the museum whilst hiding around with your significant other. Keep it subtle, you don’t want security kicking you out. Be sneaky, like you would if you were hiding from your mom.

Date night isn’t always a necessity, sometimes you just don’t have time and sometimes Netflix is the best remedy for your evening with your boo but venture out when you guys can and exploreee. Have you tried any of these? Do you have some more recommendations? Let me know below, and share some ideas for other people that you think are the absolute gems of date night. Let’s talk dating below and share your suggestions! Happy Dating.