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10 Trendy Nail Styles For The Fall

10 Trendy Nail Styles For The Fall

As warm summer days start to dwindle, we begin to transition from the hot nail styles of summer into the cool new nail trends of the Fall. This season features trends that manipulate classic nail styles to redefine their aesthetic. Popular color options lean towards earth-toned metallics, deep maroons, and glossy nudes. New and innovative nail art elements, introduce intricate styles that seem to inspire nail artists to break design boundaries.

1. Two Toned French Manicure

The simplicity of a natural french manicure makes this timeless nail trend a repeated style for many. Despite its ability to match with a plethora of outfits, this style is too comfortable for this season’s dramatic trends. The development of a two-toned french manicure has adjusted the classic look into an alternative design for the fall.

Forgo the typical white tips and choose an autumn central metallic color such as bronze or rose gold. Pick a complimenting color for the nail bed and vwala, you’ll have created a personalized manicure appropriate for the crisp autumn air.

10 Trendy Nail Styles For The Fall

2. Sheer Gold Glitter Top Coat

Add a bit of flair to any nail look by slapping on a glittery gold top coat. Begin with a light colored nude base, and add as many layers of gold sparkles on top to satisfy the desire for shine.

10 Trendy Nail Styles For The Fall

3. Glossy Nude

You can never go wrong with a glossy nude nail. This nail style works versatility within multiple outfits, making it the perfect style for everyday wear. Because the glossy nude nail look encompasses transitional functionality, it is worth investing in a nice set that’s long-lasting.

10 Trendy Nail Styles For The Fall

4. Lettering

An innovative wave of creative nail art has begun to inspire talented nail technicians to use their creative powers in order to deliver original designs that are unparalleled. Lettering on nails is emerging as one of the most intricate of all nail designs. Accomplishing this featured look can be difficult, requiring a high level of skill and a steady hand. With the help of an uber-talented nail artist, you’ll be able to carry out a badass nail look featuring Old English letters. This badass look will make anyone worthy of holding the title of a baddie.

10 Trendy Nail Styles For The Fall

5. Matte Maroon

For a more dignified nail style, try out a deep maroon for your color of choice. Concocted from a mixture of dark purples, royal blues, and smooth pinks, the color marron is full of depth. Applied in a coffin shape and a matte finish is what makes this a dignified nail style with elusive as well as sultry undertones.

10 Trendy Nail Styles For The Fall

6. Artistic Designs

Nail technicians should be credited with the title of an artist. It takes creativity and dedication to accomplish intricate designs that parallel great works of art. If you are among the group that adores classic art, try a nail look that pays homage to great artistic design, such as the one pictured below.

10 Trendy Nail Styles For The Fall

7. Half Moons

What better way to celebrate the spooky season than with a nail design that encompasses witchy vibes. Half painted nails in the shape of a semi-circle, portray an image of a crescent moon. An almond shaped nail is the best choice to compliment this astrological design.

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10 Trendy Nail Styles For The Fall

8. Clear  Extensions

For a clean cut nail look, forgo the nail polish and just simply add clear nail extensions in any shape of your choice. This nail style revs up the natural nail look, for a dramatic yet simplistic aesthetic.

10 Trendy Nail Styles For The Fall

9. Rose Gold Metallic

Earth-toned metallics have been deemed the most trend-worthy color option for the fall season. A rose gold metallic nail is one of the better options, as it compliments colors typically seen in fall fashion garments.

10 Trendy Nail Styles For The Fall

10. Timelessly Black

Never go wrong with a well-done manicure and painted black nails. This versatile color looks good with either a glossy or matte finish and can be adjusted to fit any particular aesthetic by changing the shape and length of the nail.

10 Trendy Nail Styles For The Fall

Try out one or all of these nail styles this fall season! Share pictures of your manicures in the comment section below.

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