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The Best Things To Do At Your Next Fall Festival Visit

The Best Things To Do At Your Next Fall Festival Visit

As much as I love the summer weather, it never ceases to amaze me when Autumn comes around. I always get so excited and so inspired this time of year and when it does come around, it’s like I’m experiencing it for the first time.

Scott Fitzgerald said that “Life begins again when it gets crisp in the fall” and I believe it. It revives and nourishes me in a way I didn’t think it would because it’s a time of new beginning. Below I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite things to do at fall festivals.

1. Hayride

I love being in the country so any chance I get to see hay bales and, typically in my mind at least, red wagons pulling hay bales I get extremely excited. It brings me back to my childhood roots and my absolute adoration for the country. There’s something so wholesome and warm about the country and fall festivals, and hay rides fall within this tradition.

Fall Festivals are also a really good first date spot. Imagine snuggling close to your significant other – or date! – on a hayride, feeling cozy under a wool blanket as the sun begins to set. Picturesque, if you ask me. When you take a trip to the fall festival, be sure that hayrides are on your list of activities.

The Best Things To Do At Your Next Fall Festival Visit

2. Pumpkin Picking and/or Carving

Pumpkins are arguably one of the main symbols of fall festivals and the picking and/or carving of pumpkins the main event(s). I get such a kick out of walking through pumpkin patches and, when I can, participating in or watching pumpkin carving contests. I don’t do it for the sport of it but rather because it’s so enjoyable, regardless of whether I am participating or watching.

The Best Things To Do At Your Next Fall Festival Visit

3. Apple Cider

Remember when I said that the crisp Autumn air is something I can almost smell in the air? Well, apple cider in the fall tastes like fall – and this is something actually tangible. I’m not making this up! Hot apple cider with a stick of cinnamon in the cup is a quintessential fall festival drink, and you would be remiss not to have it as part of your excursion. Fall doesn’t truly start until you have yourself a nice mug of hot apple cider, with all of the spices to boot. 

The Best Things To Do At Your Next Fall Festival Visit

4. Eat!

One of my favorite things to do at fall festivals is to eat. And eat all. the. food. There are usually many vendors offering samples or platters and I love trying the different fare they have. The last fall festival I was at had a ton of food trucks on the grounds, which I think is an excellent way to not only try different cuisine available in one location but also become aware of different food companies out there. It’s a major promotion for them, too, and I imagine they love to be part of the fall festivals.

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At your next fall festival, go and try all of the yummy food choices they offer because (1) why not and (2) you may just find a new food place to love. Oh and don’t forget the dessert!

The Best Things To Do At Your Next Fall Festival Visit

5. Apple Picking

 Now, this is an activity that you can most definitely do outside of fall festivals but I imagine there are some festivals that also offer this because it’s such an ideal autumn activity. I think apple picking resides somewhere close to pumpkin picking on the must-dos in the fall. This is a fun activity to do with the whole family or with your significant other. Imagine picking a bushel of apples and going home to then bake them into a pie? Oh my, oh my. I’m not even sorry that most of this article has to do with food and drink.

The fall is when you, well, harvest. You get ready for the (likely) harsh winter to come by harvesting all of these yummy and hearty foods. The fall is when I feel like I am simultaneously experiencing a new beginning and preparation. And apple picking is up there as one of my traditions in celebrating this transformative moment in time.

The Best Things To Do At Your Next Fall Festival Visit

What fall festival activities are your favorites? Have you done any of these listed activities? Share below!

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