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23 Acrylic Nail Designs To Copy Right Now

23 Acrylic Nail Designs To Copy Right Now

If you are considering something new for your nails, look at Acrylic Nail Designs. When it comes to Acrylic Nail Designs, there are a plethora of ways one can go with regarding color, shape, length, and design.

Now, with all of that being said, take a look down below and check out the following 23 Acrylic Nail Designs That You Should Copy Right Now:

1. Flame Coffin Acrylic Nails:

One of the hottest and most popular acrylic nail designs that you should definitely copy are these Flame Coffin Acrylic Nails. Regardless of what shade they are in (for example: matte or holographic) they look totally gorgeous!


Another reason why you should get your nails done in this design is that it is not too complicated to copy at home if you don’t want to go and get your nails done at the salon. If you want your nails to look super-hot during the summer, Flame Coffin Acrylic Nails should be one of the Acrylic Nail Designs that you should be looking at.

2. Unique Aqua Blue Swirl Acrylic Nail Art:

One of the most eye-catching acrylic nail designs featured in this article is this Unique Aqua Blue Swirl Acrylic Nail Art look, which goes well with any casual outfit. This Acrylic Nail Design features short nails filled into a round shape. A dark aqua blue colored base applied, followed by tiny swirls of white on top.

3. Matte Mismatch Acrylic Nails:

In general, mismatched colors are one of the most popular trends for all women to get a manicure done in. If you want to follow with what’s “in” right now for fashion beauty, one of the acrylic nail designs that you should consider copying right now are these Matte Mismatch Acrylic Nails.


The best of part of this nail look is that it perfect to copy year-round. Regardless of whether you copy this nail design during autumn, winter, spring, or summer, they will make your outfits super chic and stylish!

4. Oil Nail Art Painting Designs:

To copy the Oil Nail Art Painting look, first start off with a white color base and then add little splotches of pink, blue and silver as if each nail were an oil painting. Just like with most of the nail art looks featured in this article, the Oil Nail Art Painting Design will look super trendy and chic with any outfit you wear.

5. Bright Blue Acrylic Nails:

If blue is your favorite color, go bold by copying this bright blue acrylic nail design below!


6. Free Flying Feathers:

The birds and feathers on this acrylic nail design resemble ones that people would find others having tattoos of. If you are looking at acrylic nail designs that are cool and different, the Free Flying Feathers is the look for you.

7. Tenacious Teal:

The color combination of teal and black together always looks fantastic in simple designs like in the one below.

8. Rose Quartz Acrylic Nails:

Rose Quartz Acrylic Nails is one of those acrylic nail designs that’s perfect for anyone preferring something slightly shorter and more of a neutral color. This look is super stylish and gives one plenty of good vibes. There’s also no question that Rose Quartz Acrylic Nails will definitely rack up tons of likes on Instagram.


9. Writing Attached:

The Writing Attached look is one of the most unique and creative Acrylic Nail Designs featured in this article. For sure, your nails will be the talk of whatever event you attend.

10. Rare Tribal Treasures:

This is another one of the acrylic nail designs included in this article that features a variety of different shades being incorporated: light pink, beige, gold and black. Each nail in this design features either the use of glittery gems or some neat geometric design that makes this look stand out from the others.

11. Unique Onyx with Gold Glitter Nails:

When it comes to Acrylic Nail Designs, there are so many different routes you can go with. These Unique Onyx with Gold Glitter Nails are one of my personal favorite nail art looks.


This design features an onyx base and gold glitter added to the bottom of every black nail with one nail featuring glitter from top to bottom. The Unique Onyx with Gold Glitter Nails is one of the top Acrylic Nail Designs to get your nails done in for a night out with your friends.

12. Unicorn and Rainbow Awesome Nail Art:

I mean, what girl doesn’t adore unicorns and rainbows? One of the acrylic nail designs that everyone should copy or get done right now is this Unicorn and Rainbow Awesome Nail Art. All of the nails are coated in an iridescent pink with one nail featured a rainbow and another featuring a unicorn.

13. Diamond and Glitter Acrylic Nails:

Anyone obsessed with acrylic nail designs will also love getting their nails done in glittery colors with rhinestones that resemble diamonds. This design is composed of some nails covered in silver glitter. the rest of the nails are painted with a grey nail color adorned with two silver rhinestones. Diamon and Glitter Acrylic Nails scream glitz and glam.


14. Bubble Gum Glamour:

Pink is such a girly color and a staple among women’s nail polish colors, regardless if they consider copying acrylic nail designs or not. With this design, simply put some bubble gum pink on longer nails and some glitter. The Bubble Gum Glamour Nail Look will definitely catche some eyes.

15. Rainbow Drip Nails:

This nail art look is a modern take on your classic French Tip but with rainbow color and paint trip detail. These Rainbow Drip Nails are one of those Acrylic Nail Looks that you should copy right now if you to score some major likes on your Instagram page.

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16. Long and Clean Almond Acrylic Nails:

When it comes to Acrylic Nail Designs, sometimes the best ones are those that are simple with no adornments like jewels or glitter added on. These long and clean almond acrylic nails are perfect to wear as you go on about your day.

17. Gold Foil Acrylic Nails:

Gold Foil Acrylic Nails are one this Acrylic Nail Designs to copy right now if you want something edgy, trendy and cool! These black and white marble acrylics with tiny flecks of gold will make your nails pop during the summer.

18. Ombre Dip Powder Coffin Nails:

Dip powder adds a beautiful ombre effect on acrylic nail designs and these Ombre Dip Powder Coffin Nails look flawless in any color. Consider going with neon colors if you want something modern and edgy. Take a look at the video to view this tutorial on how you can copy them at home.


19. Coffee Cream and Glitter Long Acrylic Nails:

The trendiest acrylic nail designs show plenty of attention to both its detail and design. These Coffee Cream and Glitter Long Acrylic Nails come in a variety of shades: medium coffee, dark coffee, coffee with cream, and along with bronze colored glitter.

If you are looking into neutral color acrylic nail designs, these nails are perfect for! They look amazing during both the day and the evening.

20. Blossoming Touch:

This design features a natural shade of pink nail polish color with one nail adorned with formal white flowers. Blossoming Touch is a simple but modest design that will look fantastic on anyone.


21. Milky Trance:

While the idea of White Acrylic Nail Designs might seem dull and boring, just simply add these transparent pastel sparkles to the white colored base to add some extra wow factor towards your nails.

22. Clear Cloudy Coffin Acrylic Nails:

The Clear Cloudy Coffin Design is one of coolest and most unique Acrylic Nail Designs to be featured in this entire article. With this nail look, you can either look up and see the fluffy clouds in the sky, or you can look at them down at your nails to see them too!

23. Reverse V French Acrylic Coffin Nails:

Reverse V French Acrylic Coffin Nails are one of many Acrylic Nail Designs (regardless if featured in this article or not), that look stunning no matter what color you decide to get them done in. If you decide that this is the design for you, be sure to copy this look now as they are one of the most popular summer nail trends.


Which of these Acrylic Nail Designs did you love the most and want to copy right now? Be sure to let us know which Acrylic Nail Designs down below in the comments section below!

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