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How To Do Your Own DIY Ombre Nails

How To Do Your Own DIY Ombre Nails

A fun way to get involved in the trend! DIY ombre nails are simple, fashionable, and cheaper than going to a nail salon for a manicure.

Ombre can be seen everywhere right now. A fun way to get involved in the trend is put the ombre design on your nails! DIY ombre nails are simple, fashionable, and cheaper than going to a nail salon for a manicure.

ombre nails

To start off your DIY ombre nails, choose what nail polish color, or colors, you want. To have a true ombre, you should do different shades of the same color, as shown in the pictures, but doing a couple of different colors looks cool too! If you can have three or four colors, or shades of the same color.

You’ll also need a base coat, a top coat, a triangle make up sponge, a cup of water, paper if you want to test it out first, and to help clean up afterward you can use a paint brush and nail polish remover.

First, soak the sponge in the water, and wring it out. It should be damp, not soaking wet. While you’re soaking it, you can uncap the polishes so they are ready to go. When the sponge is ready, make a line with every color polish on the sponge, in the order that you’d like it. If you’re going for the true ombre, the order should be dark to light, the medium color in the middle. Do two coats of the color so you get a stronger color. Also, the Daily Varnish recommends putting two layers of white nail polish on the sponge before you put the real color, in order to really make the color stand out.

dyi ombre 1







dyi ombre 2










After you’ve painted the sponge, you can test it out on the piece of paper. Just blot it a few time to see if you like the way it turns out. Then, you hold the sponge down on your nail. You want to bounce the sponge up and down a few times, trying to hit around the same spot every time so as not to mess it up. If it’s a little off it isn’t a big deal, because the colors are meant to be blended together. Then repaint the sponge, and repeat with all your other nails.

dyi ombre 3









dyi ombre 4




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At this point, the area around your nail beds is sure to be messy. That’s when the paint brush and nail polish remover come in. Dip the paint brush in the remover, and clean up the area around your nails to perfect the look. Once the ombre is dry, put a top coat on, to make it look nice, and to blend the colors even more.

dyi ombre 5









dyi ombre 6

And that’s it! Salon quality nails done in your own home, for a much better price. If your first attempt doesn’t come out as well as you hoped, keep trying until you get the technique down. You’ll be rocking the ombre look in no time!

Did you try out your own DIY ombre nails? Let us know in the comments below!
All pictures, inspiration and tips taken from here, and here.
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