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15 Things You’ll Regret Not Doing At Notre Dame

15 Things You’ll Regret Not Doing At Notre Dame

With such a big campus and great school spirit, you’ll always be busy at Notre Dame. However, don’t let those four years go by without doing classic traditions. Keep reading for 15 things you’ll regret not doing at Notre Dame!

1. Going to a football game.

There’s nothing like game day and the spirit all around campus. What’s Notre Dame without football?


Play like a champion.

2. Going to a SYR

What’s better than a dance? Setting up your roommate to a themed dance.

From Pirates to Skype Interviews, these dances are held all over campus.

3. Putting a bike in a tree.

Unlocked bikes…that’s all you need to know.

Piece of advice: Always keep your bike locked away and/or never unattended.


4. Late night Taco Bell runs.

Nothing beats Taco Bell in the middle of the night. No regrats.

Dine in on the experience only college students should enjoy.

5. Quarter Dogs

Late night munchies? Quarter dogs at midnight in Lafun never tasted so good.

These hot dogs are only a quarter. LITERALLY.

6. Taking a walk/run around the lakes.

2 miles has nothing on you, especially with the great views.

A figure 8 around the lakes is perfect to take a stroll or get your mind off of school.

With that being said…

7. Running the Holy Half.

Only the happiest half-marathon around (or a 10K if you just really can’t).

Shake off the freshman fifteen by training for a half marathon or a 10K. All proceeds go to charity.

8. Studying Abroad!

What’s college without studying abroad?

Take advantage of the different (and international) schools Notre Dame has to offer.

9. DomerFest

Can’t start off your Notre Dame experience without DomerFest.

This event is the highlight of Welcome Weekend. Dancing, food, games, and mingling compiled into one event.


10. Annual Snowball Fight

The first snow is exciting, especially when there’s an EPIC snowball fight on South Quad.

Throwing snowballs across the quad along with hundreds (if not thousands) of other people could not any other exciting manner of welcoming winter.

11. Mass in the Basilica

Even if you’re not religious, you can’t miss out on a major part of Notre Dame history and beauty.


From the beautiful art and choirs to the brand-new organ, you cannot miss out on this experience.

12. Swimming in the Reflecting Pool.

Don’t be fooled by the water.

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Nothing could be better than swimming right next to the library while everyone else is studying.

13. Running through Stonehenge.

It’s just as easy as it sounds…especially after a football win.

Going to run through this water fountain is a must. Celebrate victory!

14. Going to the Grotto.

Whether you’re stressed from finals or pray for a safe trip home, you won’t find a more soothing place anywhere.


Go up and light a candle. Say a little prayer. And step back and watch the Grotto glow. When grabbing a candle, don’t forget to rub the stone from the Grotto located in France.

15. Walking on the football field.

There’s nothing more Notre Dame than walking on the football field.

Delve into the place where all the magic and community happens: Notre Dame Stadium.

Bonus: Never….

1. Step on God Quad.

Don’t want to fail that Theo, obviously.

To avoid any confusion, avoid walking on ANY grass in general.

2. Go up the stairs of the main building.

Only after graduation…it can wait 4 years.

Myth has it that you’ll never graduate.


What are some other things you’ll regret not doing at Notre Dame? Comment below.
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