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15 Tips For Going Vegan

15 Tips For Going Vegan

Going vegan can be a huge step for some, but it can be difficult as well. Here are some of the tips I think are the most important when going vegan.

When I first decided to become vegan I was very skeptical. After a few months went by I started to see the benefits of living this lifestyle. If your debating on becoming a vegan read these helpful 15 tips to make the transition easier.

1. Ease your way into it

The hardest thing about going vegan was discovering how much I was able to give up at a time. The first time I attempted to go vegan I went cold turkey, no meats nor diary. I lasted about three weeks until I started to feel dizzy and tired from the lack of meat in my diet. My body wasn’t used to not receiving its daily meat intake. The second time I planned it out better by taking my time with it and allowing my body to adjust to it.

2. Study up

No one was able to go vegan without proper research on the subject first. It would be like auditioning for a movie and not having practiced your lines. Not only will it make the transition easier, but it will you to find out if this is something you really want to do.

15 Tips For Going Vegan

3. Plan it out……

Give yourself some time to prepare meals for the week. If your used to eating meat creating meals based off of vegetables is going to be unfamiliar territory. It will take some getting used to so don’t feel discouraged everyone goes through it.

15 Tips For Going Vegan

4. Stock it up

It can be hard even planning a meal if you don’t have the proper ingredients. Take a look at what you have and make a list to take with you next time you go shopping.

5. Don’t think just because your vegan you will be healthy

In short, yes you are eating a much better diet then before. However, there are still some foods that can still make you unhealthy. Sometimes I find myself snacking on a lot of vegan snacks that aren’t good for you if consumed all at once.

6. Be okay with failing

I cannot even count the number of times that I have failed when it came to going vegan. It would never be intentional but I always would find myself eating some sort of diary product or meat if out with my friends.

7. Forgive yourself

Tell yourself that even after failing you are trying and that is one of the most important things to learn.

8. Ask if the restaurant has vegan friendly meals

If your going to a restaurant with your friends don’t be afraid to ask the waiter if any of their meals are vegan friendly. Just because you decided to be vegan doesn’t mean you stop living your life.

9.Dont explain yourself

The first time I told my friends I was going vegan they didn’t believe me. I also got odd looks from family members because everyone in the family hunted and ate deer. The second time around I felt secure in my choice and told them it was my call to make. They didn’t ask any questions after that.

10.Pack homemade snacks for trips

Planning a trip with the squad, but worried about eating while on the road? Don’t sweat it make some homemade snacks to take with you. That way you don’t have to worry about possibly missing lunch or dinner.

11. Explore different recipes

Start looking into different recipes online that are easy to follow. I watched a ton of YouTube videos for simple college student vegan recipes to learn how to cook meals while on a budget.

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12. Get dessert

Just because you are vegan doesn’t mean that you can’t cater to that sweet tooth of yours. If you look hard enough there are tons of desserts that are very vegan friendly. One that I always eat is the So Delicious, their ice cream will make sure to leave a lasting impression.

15 Tips For Going Vegan

13. Get your protein

One mistake that I made while going vegan was not researching different plant based foods I could get protein from. I remember always feeling sluggish because of it. Now I eat almonds, and black beans which help to give me a well balanced protein intake.

14. Stay Positive

Some days will be hard, others will be easier. Remember its not a race take your time with it and remain positive. You got this!

15. Remeber to stay your friendly self

Just because you decided to do this and your friends haven’t doesn’t mean you can be disrespectful of their choices. Love them unconditionally and stay your friendly bubbly self!

15 Tips For Going Vegan

Have any more tips that could help when it comes to becoming a vegan? Share your ideas in the comments below!
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